Ways To Be More Charismatic But Still Be Yourself

Ways To Be More Charismatic But Still Be Yourself
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You want to make yourself more charismatic, but how? All of us love people who are charismatic. However, is charism natural or practised? Here are ways to be more charismatic but still be yourself.

You’re frightened that any attempt you make to draw people in could come across as a shiny-suited salesperson’s snake oil charm. And that’s a positive thing, because that’s going to happen.
How can you do that, then? What kind of person do you want other people to be around?? How can you light a space — even a little — and still hang on to your qualities, well, you.
There is no question that charisma will help you lift mountains – or drive them in your favourite direction at least. And nothing is wrong with wanting to be more friendly, as, if done correctly, the lives of people around you often will be expressed positively.
But there’s a distinction between developing genuine charisma and showing it solely for your own purposes.

Is charisma inborn?

You have probably met someone you liked, but you weren’t sure why you liked it. This may have been your teacher, a co-worker or even a popular leader. That’s due to the charisma. Charisma is undoubtedly one of the most powerful weapons. It can be defined as the tool that allows you to command a room and persuade people to buy your idea. You would need to be charismatic if you are willing to be a leader of devoted followers. Charismatic people are viewed as strong and relatable around the world. You will attract any woman if you are charming and make her love you. Charisma is a mystical attribute for many people. You assume it’s something for which people are born and others aren’t. The good news is that this is not real, and no gene is charismatic to people.

Ways To Be More Charismatic

Here are ways to be more charismatic but still be yourself.

1. Let your eyes do the work

The legend says that the genuinely charismatic individual goes wildly, talks and gestures—and every eye of the room follows them. When we stand still, most of us have a stronger presence. The hallmark of a Master is that it seems you’re not in a hurry.
Just keep your eyes on softly when talking to someone who doesn’t shine or smile at them. Don’t look over their shoulders, even if a more interested target is found in the room and – undoubtedly – your phone doesn’t distract.

2. Don’t talk about yourself

Be committed to what you do. Or stand for something—but don’t force your views on others. Don’t hop on the stage when asked a question (about yourself), it isn’t an audition. Respond briefly and humbly. People are drawn even more by your listening capacity than by your speaking capacity. Although this is Very witty.

3. Convey to someone that you like them

The tale of people needing to be liked is as old as time (or at least as old as Dale Carnegie). Me, you, the blustery drunk man holding back, the quiet man in the corner, everyone. Concentrate less on whether you are liked and more on whether you like the person before you. When someone else leaves you feel good or even just a little bit better than before, you’ve done your best.

Ways To Be More Charismatic But Still Be Yourself
Image Source- Pixabay

4. Don’t put others down 

It’s uncool to put someone else down your own stakes. You’re just going to come across mean. Or for mean comments, you will be remembered. And you don’t want or need this. So strive to build up the people. And if a single person cannot do this, say nothing.

5. Avoid fake

Fake charm is a bad thing to do. You’ll come off as if you’re trying too hard to sell a vacuum cleaner or anything—and, if you do, your mask will be blown away. Instead of dragging people in, they’re going to get back—permanently. So do not blaze all the light: begin your interactions with others with a low-key curiosity.

Ways To Be More Charismatic But Still Be Yourself
Image Source- Pixabay

6. Dress up

Clothes don’t make a human. And charism comes from inside — not outside. But dress not like a bum, forget your personal hygiene and look forward to attracting the crowds.

7. The art of listening is not listening

The art of listening isn’t listening, contrary to what you might have heard. You have heard what the other person says. It is obvious. So smile, nod, frown (if appropriate), affirm, reflect, summarise and ask good questions. Note: if you’re going to do those stuff right, you’re really going to have to listen.

8. Practice to be charismatic by mirroring

If you’re trying to be a charismatic leader, why don’t you try to mimic the leader you’re looking for? You may balance the level of energy or physical mannerism by taking notice of how the leader reacts. You don’t need to agree with what the leader says or does. The main thing is to make sure you’re behaving like them to a degree. This can occur naturally, depending on the social environment. It may also be a smart idea for you to mirror the characteristics that you like in the leader. Before changing it to meet your needs, stop copying it and learn the secret of it.

9. Show optimism

Like with confidence, people who are charismatic will appear positive. This shows that in every person, case, circumstance and much else they have a potential to see the best. They’re going to stay bubbly and happy. Charismatic people may inspire others to look at things the same way they do. This makes them to feel more confident and enthusiastic. Optimism is solid problem solving and negotiating abilities and optimistic thinking.

So, these are 9 ways to be more charismatic but still be yourself.

It’s not about being so nice that you are a sucker for the demands or even nastiness of other people; when you need to be assertive, it’s not about being passive. Charisma is about constantly showing who you are—often boldly, often gently. And, sometimes, only by appearing.

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