Want To Have A Fair & Intelligent Baby?


Who doesn’t want a fair, intelligent and healthy baby.

 A daily routine, diet and schedule that a mom follows has a great impact on how her baby will develop. 
So here we suggest you a healthy lifestyle which ensures a good development of baby.
Take The Notes:
1. Iron Rich Food: Eat good amount of natural iron along with the supplements. Spinach, kidney beans, apricots etc along with vitamin C.  Iron is essential to transport oxygen to your baby. Adequate iron promotes child’s intelligence and growth.
2. Folic Acid: Folic acid is essential for the formation of brain cells. It is recommended that women take folic acid every day, 4 weeks before trying to conceive and 8-9 weeks after conceiving.
Oranges are good natural source of folic acid, which are easily available whole year.
3. Soaked Raisin: Scientific studies supports the fact that apricot, almonds raisins and dates are good during pregnancy. 
Also, as per some old wives tale eating raisins which are soaked overnight in milk or water helps in improving baby’s complexion.
4. Kesar Milk: I is said that having (not so warm) kesar milk also improves complexion. 
Note: Do not drink Kesar milk in hot season. It is good during winter season only.
5. Talk with your baby in the womb: Interaction is always good, when you talk with your baby in the womb, his brain cells get stimulate more. He will start understanding the world outside and it is very good for developing a bond with your unborn child.
6. Avoid Caffeine & Alcohol: Limit caffeine and totally avoid alcohol during pregnancy, it hinders with good development of baby.
7. Maintain you weight: Eat only which is necessary and must. Do not eat unhealthy and junk food all day. Eating nutritional things such as fruits, vegetables, tofu, eggs etc supports good development of child. 
8. Coconut Water: Coconut water replenish fluid content and detoxifies body. They also say, it aids good complexion of child in the womb.
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