Know Ushoshi Sengupta And Her Harassment Story

Ushoshi Sengupta
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Ushoshi Sengupta And Her Harassment Story

Former Miss India Universe Ushoshi Sengupta was intimidated and abused as she traveled home from work in Kolkata late at night.

Ushoshi Sengupta met last night in Kolkata with an unfortunate ordeal. In her Facebook article, she narrated this ordeal. She went to Facebook to share in Kolkata’s horrifying late-night trial. Ushoshi Sengupta was the Universe of Miss India in 2010.

Late in the evening, Ushoshi Sengupta hired a Uber taxi from a 5-star hotel in Kolkata. She didn’t even imagine her Uber ride turning out to be a terrible experience. In her detailed posting on Facebook last night about what she had to face when a group of boys slammed into her cab and harassed her, females are not secure anywhere, explained.

Her Facebook Post

Last night 18th June 2019 at around 11:40 pm I took an uber from JW Marriott kolkata to go back home after finishing…

Posted by Ushoshi Sengupta on Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Seven people were detained on Monday around 11.40 p.m. in connection with the incident.  The arrests were made on the basis of video footage from Sengupta and CCTV.

“A few boys on a motorcycle without a helmet struck our taxi at the Exide junction and Jawaharlal Road crossing… Around 15 boys emerged from nowhere and dragged the driver out, began to beat him up. That’s when I began shouting, calling the police, and at the same time starting to take a video of the whole event,” she said. She stated that, despite repeated demands, officers from the closest Maidan Police Station originally did not come for assistance.

“Some Maidan Police Station officers reached the place. only to be pushed by the boys before they escaped,” said Sengupta, adding that about six kids on three bicycles followed the taxi near South Kolkata’s Lake Gardens region, where she dropped her colleague’s house.

“They stopped my vehicle, threw rocks and dragged me out and attempted to break my phone to remove the video. My colleague jumped out of fear and I began shouting to attract the attention of some locals there. I managed to call my father and sister home in the next lane when they fled,” said Sengupta.

The actor-model also claimed that officers at the nearby Charu Market Police Station refused to take any complaint and instead told her to contact the police station in Bhawanipore. “The policeman took my complaint after raising many questions but refused to take the driver’s complaint,”

Who is Ushoshi Sengupta

Born on 30 July 1988, Ushoshi Sengupta won an Indian beauty pageant title “I Am She – Miss Universe India” and represented India in Miss 2010 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada.

She graduated from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kolkata. Where she excelled in mathematics. And in an engineering college was given a scholarship but chose to follow liberal arts and professional modeling.
Sengupta also made her debut with Egoler Chokh in the Bengali film industry, directed by Arindam Sil in August 2016.
She also worked (cameo role) in the Housefull 2 film by Sajid Khans. In addition, she worked in 2013 in a Malayalam film Goodbye December.
Also, she is a TEDx speaker and the founder of the Play Fest weekend festival.

After the incident went viral online, the Kolkata Police wrote on Twitter, “We took this incident very seriously and so far seven people have been detained. An investigation on F.I.R. non-registration was launched on this incident at a very senior level on the order of the Police Commissioner, Kolkata.