Understanding your child’s personality

child's personality
Image source : pixabay

Ever heard about TEMPERAMENT ?

Temperament is something we’re born with—it’s a set of traits that makes each of us unique, and it’s the factor in determining how we react to the world. The way a child approaches a new situation is one example of temperament at work.

Temperament can be seen in children at very young age while  most parents could start recognizing the behavior of child towards different tasks in day to day workings but temperament becomes more apparent in the toddler years.

there are different aspects on which the behavior of an individual child  is based and they accumulate to define an individual’s personality trait:-

1. Intensity of reaction on anything or any situation

2. The level of involvement in any activity performed

3. Temper management or tolerance of frustration

4. Response on a change in everyday routine

5. Reaction towards new people

6. Attachment towards parents

and all these traits sum up to make your child what he is. Temperament is not something what he chooses,nor is it something that you created.Its important to accept the child the way it is .

vEery individual have its own properties its better to understand it rather change it.