Treat Your Brain with True Desserts – Happy Hour Therapy !


India has 15 Crore Migraine patients. 1 in 20 people is depressed.

Being a part of smart, digital and fast world, we are slowly loosing on our own health. We are stressed, tensed and anxious all day, mobiles and laptops are always more around us then humans. And hence we are lacking “actual happy hours” everyday in our lives.

  1. Actual Happy Hour means the time when you can really relax physically mentally both and you can make your inner self feel contended !
  2. Now this “Happy hour” may include Family time, Yoga or Meditation time, Hobby time or anything that you can do for your own peace, which must be away from electronic gadgets.
  3. Have your loved ones around most of the possible times. Share little small things with family.
  4. Make home environment light by cracking jokes, laughing as much as possible.
  5. Share Meal times together. Try to have at least one meal of a day together.
  6. Talk as much as possible.
  7. Avoid heated up discussions.
  8. Don’t judge silently anyone in your family every now and then, instead Talk. Making Presumptions occupy your own mind unnecessarily.
  9. Have Friends, go for outings on more natural places where you can breathe freely, can listen birds and water.

Treat your brain with such desserts so that you can stay more calm and relaxed without any medications. No therapy is as effective in world as ‘Love Therapy’ humans are love deprived and nothing is as pure as love received by your own Family !