Today’s youth and their lifestyle!

Youth comprises of maximum population in India. But the lifestyle of today’s youth is confined only to gizmo gadgets, discos and pubs. They don’t have any interest in national politics and don’t even know what’s happening around the world

NIGHT OUTS, lounging in the pubs, tapping your feet to the rocking music in discs, showing off 8 GB i-pods, N-Series mobiles, Levis jeans and Woodland shoes are the common lifestyle of the urban youth today. They feel if they do not have all these ’cool stuffs’, then it will affect their image in college campus or their common hang-outs.

Today’s generation does not even realise where they are heading to. Their thought is limited and views confined and outlook, they don’t have any. Their thought is limited only to gizmo gadgets, two-wheelers and night life. Today, how many of them would prefer a pen, if laptop is given, as one of the options? How many of them would prefer playing outdoor games if video games are given as one of the options? How many of them would prefer a calm walk if a two-wheeler is provided? No doubt, they are useful to us but what is the use if we humans turn out to be sophisticated and arrogant and neglect the human being we have within us. “All that glitters is not gold,” is a saying which is true indeed in its own way, but its value is perhaps lost somewhere. Spending quality time with their parents or to help them, if they need, are some of the special moments, perhaps, our ancestors would have preferred, but youth today prefer spending most of their time in discos and pubs. They come to college only for the sake of coming, but they forget their primary responsibility ie to study. It is highly contradictory to think that this is the same land where a youth like Bhagat Singh was born, a youth like Capt Vikram Batra was born. Even they did not see much of their life, they died at a very young age but they left a mark in everyone’s heart. Why aren’t these kinds of youths born again and again so that our nation becomes proud?

We are the light of the future, entertainment is fine upto certain limit but we must draw a line between our responsibility and fun. We must learn to be even more responsible and see the world in a much wider perspective. The youth comprises of maximum population in India and we must show to the rest of the world that if we take some kind of responsibility even we can prove out to be the best.

After all, we are the world!

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