Tips To Teach Your Kids To Write

Tips to teach your kids to write
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Children begin their journey of learning when they are born. In the first place, they are adapted to their new environment, then getting their bodies used to consuming solid and liquid food and then progressing slowly towards learning nuances of life like crawling and walking. While children learn a lot by themselves, certain things have to be taught. Here are the various ways to teach your kids to write letters:

When is it possible for your Toddler to learn to write?

By scribbling random stuff, your child will take her first step in writing. It’s not simple to learn to write, and your kid will need plenty of time to begin to understand what she’s writing or drawing. Usually, a kid begins to comprehend by the age of three the distinction between drawing and writing.

It takes a lot of patience on the part of parents to teach how to write. Writing receives a boost once the child begins to talk and understand all the letter ‘ sounds and significance. There’s no normal way to teach pre-schoolers and kids how to write, but the playschool will assist the child in to fine-tune their writing abilities and teach them how distinct it is from drawing.

Tips To Teach Your Kids To Write

1. Do not teach how to write simply because you need it, make it enjoyable:

No child begins writing letters correctly at once with a pencil or crayon. They will only start writing when they are amused by the colors and patterns. Start by showing them how to use slate and chalk or magnetic doodle pads to create random signs. Another exciting way of writing is to draw random signs and letters and encourage children to follow through with sand, salt or wheat flour.

2. Reinforce their palms:

Hand muscle development is an important step for your child to write more and more. The muscles of the hand are strengthened by playing things such as clay or play-doh and holding various things with their hands.

3. Ensure that the grip is good:

Give your child a crayon or pencil that fits their palms comfortably and gives them a good grip. This will make writing easier and also ensure that their handwriting is good. The use of golf pencils will help.

4. Allow them to write:

Don’t stop children from scribbling. Let them scribble as soon as they start keeping items. The fact that things are appearing on paper out of their hands will make the child excite and encourage him to scribble more.

5. Display excitement and enthusiasm while they’re writing:

Children tend to do things more enthusiastically when people around them are amused by what they do. Show excitement by laughing and clapping every time your child scribbles something, making them happy and encouraging them to write more.

6. Restrict their interaction with mobile and tablet devices:

Digital tools are something you should keep your child off during the initial years. If they get hooked on mobile phones, they will lose interest in writing. Furthermore, do not teach them to write on tablets. This won’t allow them to use a pencil or pen to develop proper grip and control. Although our lifestyle today is dominated by technology and it is impossible to completely keep a child away from them, restricting their exposure to digital enhancements is worthwhile.

7. Teach them how letters can be recognized:

If they can identify, memorize and relate to them, the child will be able to write letters much easier. Surround your child in the form of magnets, puzzles, and drawings with alphabet shapes. Specify letters to them while pointing to the corresponding letter. This will help them to associate the letter with its sound, fulfilling a significant prerequisite for learning how to write.

8. Give them the freedom to write and don’t worry if they write backward:

In the beginning, many kids start writing backward. The best way to correct them is by marking the top left corner as the starting point by getting a black slate with borders. This will make sure they write in the proper direction. Do not also restrict them from writing what they want, as this will discourage them from writing and disinterest them. Teach how to slowly and step by step write the right things.

Children are excited to learn new things and to adhere to what they see, hear or do. When you try to teach your child anything, being patient is a prerequisite. They are going to have a short span of attention and get very easily distracted. Understand that it will take effort and time to teach them.

There is a lot of distinct concepts and instruments to assist you know how to educate a kid how to write alphabets easily and organized. You don’t have to wait until you begin formal education to teach your kid how to write. Before the school does, these tips will assist you get started.

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