Tips to Design A Montessori Bedroom For Toddlers

Tips to Design A Montessori Bedroom For Toddlers
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For most people, bedrooms are a very personal space when growing up. It is important that children feel comfortable, relaxed, and make this a safe space. Your child has to be in a position to feel that way and to learn every day. In the competitive world of today, children must learn from a very young age all good skills to be able to implement them in their lives. To get your little one to learn the maximum amount, read on to find out how to design a Montessori bedroom for toddlers.

What Is a Montessori Bedroom?

The Montessori style is a great way to enable your child’s immediate environment to discover and learn. It moves away from conventional educational approaches and gives children more authority to learn about the world around them. Many parents adhere to this learning approach and aim to provide the same learning at home by turning the bedrooms of their children into a children’s space for Montessori. Since Montessori learning focuses on providing exploration tools, you can include these tools at home so that learning does not stop at school.

Montessori Bedroom

Benefits Of A Montessori Room For Toddlers

The use of this method of learning at home has several advantages. Having a Montessori bedroom for toddlers can be very helpful in his development. Here are some of the benefits of having a Montessori room for toddlers:

  • Encourage critical thinking by making choices for your child
  • The use of different tools available in the room develops motor abilities
  • Teaches organization, order, and discipline in the presence of clutter
  • Provides a sense of independence and authority

Tips to Design A Montessori Bedroom For Toddlers

You don’t have to wait before your pre-school child starts encouraging his child to think and act independently if you consider the Montessori approach. Make your baby’s space safe and independent with these tips to create a fun and educational Montessori bedroom.

Bedroom For Toddlers
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1. Keep Simple Decor

It is important to keep things simple and easy to manipulate if your objective is to promote independence. The bedroom of your baby should be a calming place where your child can feel in control and at home. Think of soft, soothing, neutral shades such as aqua, or green, and be careful with patterns. Keep your clutter to a minimum, choose toys like a beautiful wooden abacus or a set of hand-carved rings.

2. Adjust the Scale

When you are only 2 feet tall, the world can be a pretty intimidating place. Scaling things down a little not only reduces your anxiety but also allows your child to explore and interact with their environment while learning. The Montessori philosophy is based on freedom of movement and accessibility.

Choose kid-sized furniture whenever possible when decorating your baby’s space. A small table and miniature chairs make for an ideal workstation, and the best place to curl up with a treasured picture book is a comfortable, pint-sized rocker or beanbag chair. Hang it at the eye level of your toddler if you intend on hanging artwork, where he or she can appreciate it.

3. Ditch the Crib

Cribs restrict movement and leave children with access to their own bed dependent on their parents. Parents must decide when to sleep and wake up — a choice that should ultimately be left to the child according to Montessori rules. While sleeping practice is essential in the first year of your baby, a floor bed that is readily accessible is a safe and easy way for your child to be self-sufficient over the basic physical instinct. To limit access to the bedroom, simply place your child’s mattress on the floor and install a baby gate at the entrance.

Ditch the Crib

4. Make Things Accessible

You need to make that space accessible to them if you want your little one to learn to function independently in his or her own space. Consider replacing large, heavy drawers with small, child-friendly cubbies, and installing a lower rail in your closet so that your child can help pick up his own clothes. Wall hooks that are easily accessible are a great choice as well. Even something as basic as a light switch extender will make a major difference to the degree of independence of your toddler.

5. Promote Free Play

Toddlers should have free access to interesting and educational playthings, according to Montessori. However, beware of not overwhelming your baby. Too many toys can over-stimulate and a child who doesn’t know what to play often ends up with nothing.

Try organizing a handful of your child’s favorite playthings into several themed stations instead of filling shelves and baskets with toys and books. Invest in low, sturdy shelves that can double as play surfaces, and use book rails to show books where your baby can see them. Ignore screen toys in your bedroom; it’s better to use them with your child when they are educational and engaging so you can limit your screen time or boost learning.

Make sure you regularly rotate your selection of toys and books so that your baby always has something new and exciting to capture. Mirrors, mobiles, and other sensory interactions of this nature are also a perfect way to keep your kid entertained.

6. Lighting Setup

Another element to keep in mind is the lighting in the room because it can alter your toddler’s mood. You can choose between natural and artificial light combinations. During the day, it’s all right to use the sun to give a bright light to your baby during the day. It is advised, however, to have night lights around the room after sunset. These are not supposed to be too bright and should make your child feel relaxed.

7. Décor and Artwork

This is a major aspect of the bedroom you create. You can choose the artwork and wall design that will improve the environment. Many parents choose an indoor tent or a tepee to promote imagination, where their child can “disappear” into a world of wonders. The success of many parents around the world has proven to be consistent!

These are some tips to design a Montessori bedroom for toddlers.

The Montessori Room is a fun project, not only for your child but also for you! Make sure you enjoy doing it, and put it in a lot of love, because your child will be using it for a while, and the most important learning time of his life will be spent there. Elements of fun and elements of learning are important. Although your child is enjoying all the elements in the room, he must also be able to acquire various physical and mental abilities. We hope this article has given you a better idea of how to create a bedroom inspired by Montessori.

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