Tips To Cool Down A Room Naturally

Tips To Cool Down A Room Naturally
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Many of us struggle even to stay cool in our own home during the summer. Air conditioning can often make your bills bigger and not very earth-friendly either. Here are some easy and environmentally friendly tips to cool down a room naturally.

Tips To Cool Down A Room Naturally

Some of these ideas don’t take you long to implement.

1. Keep windows open

Sometimes the knee-jerk response is to shut doors and windows and to literally turn up the air conditioning. Conventional wisdom tells us to keep the hot air out. However, natural wind and airflow are an extremely efficient way to keep cool in the heat. The wind has always been used to cool down somehow, just because it works. Look around your home: decide which direction daytime breezes appear to blow, and what physical properties can encourage or prevent them from blowing briskly through your living space while your windows are open.

2. Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are unbelievable to help keep your room cool. Some fans keep the air continuously in the room that naturally allows the temperature to drop significantly. So make sure your fans rotate anti-clockwise in the hot summers because it will allow you to better cool your house.

3. Bring the Swamp Indoors

Evaporative cooling devices, often known as swamp coolers, can be a highly economical solution in drier environments where humidity is usually lower. Such systems strive to use as little as one-fourth of the resources of conventional air-conditioning methods and, as an added benefit, do not require the use of harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Nutshell, a swamp cooler work over a wet filter to draw warm air from outside. The heat causes evaporation, which reduces the air temperature that circulates to cool a room (or rooms) by the ventilator. There are complete home solutions and smaller room units that don’t need to be installed and could cost you less than average monthly electricity in the summer.

4. Stay in the Shade

Everyone is fighting in the summer for those shady parking spots in the grocery store. Natural shade is one of the best ways to stay cool, and that principle can apply to your home just as easily as your car does. Please consider installing awnings on any window facing south or west that offer the best access to the daytime sun. Solar gain can be reduced with pr by up to 77 percent.

5. Cook Outdoors

When it’s summer, try planning, food earlier so that during the day you don’t have to use the oven. You could cook on the grill, either in a crockpot or in a microwave. If you do not use the microwave, prepare your meals after the heat of the day or before noon. This avoids overheating.

Tips To Cool Down A Room Naturally
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6. Use Cooling Curtains

Furthering the concept of better insulation, holding the curtains shut is one easy way to keep heat from entering your home. Heavier drapes do a better job of denying access to sunshine, but if this doesn’t suit your décor, there are plenty of alternative options. Consider the installation of shutters outside your house or even the use of windows such as glazes and shades to minimize solar gains without hiding you in the dark.

7. Energy-Efficient Bulbs

Some people use light bulbs regularly, but they are not effective. In addition, these light bulbs have another problem, and during energy production a lot of heat is radiated. This will certainly cause a lot of problems if you don’t have air conditioning in your home because of the problem of heat at home only increases. It is, therefore, better to switch to energy-efficient bulbs because they produce less heat than normal bulbs.

Tips To Cool Down A Room Naturally
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8. Declutter the Room

A room that gets cluttered will feel very hot. You could, therefore, remove the chairs, curios, magazines, books, and newspapers and pack up everything in the room that looks hot or feels hot. Alternatively, you might invest in thin rugs made from hemp and jute, which will look good and feel amazing. You could also replace the centerpiece with something that creates a sense of calmness and harmony. You can take a bowl or a vase for that, and fill it with water. Place a few pebbles and add a few shells inside them.

9. Focus on Yourself

You may not be able to lower your room temperature at times, but you can still get the body temperature down a bit. You’ll be able to do this by drinking cold drinks, putting a cold cloth around your wrists or neck, and wearing breathable (or cooler) clothes. Another way is to freeze two water bottles and put them under your feet. You can do that to cool off yourself.

Tips To Cool Down A Room Naturally
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10. Add Some Cooler Color To Your Roof

You probably already know you only get hotter when wearing a dark-colored shirt in the heat, while a white shirt is more likely to keep you cool. The same rules that apply to your clothes apply to your roof: lighter shades do a better job of reflecting ultraviolet rays, reducing the absorption of heat. Many major cities have carried out research on this very idea, the results of which suggest that a white-painted roof could be a step towards curbing energy consumption and fighting trends in global warming.

11. Stay Out of the Kitchen

There’s a reason why summer is a barbecue season. Powerful indoor cooking appliances like your stove or oven create extra heat at home. This is tantamount to stacking the deck against yourself when you are already working to fight the heat from outside. If you prepare hot food on a hot day, try waiting until the sun starts to set, or consider other heat-cooking methods such as slow cookers or even a microwave.

If during the warm part of the day you have to cook with the stove, be sure to use your ventilating range fan. Keep the boiling pots and hot bottle pots heated, which also makes it easier to cook food. Double-check your refrigerator coils. Clean spindles will help your fridge work less hard, which means less exhaust and less heat.

12. Ice and Fan

Almost everyone knows this is a trick and for a very long time, people have used this method particularly in homes where there is no air conditioning. What they’re doing is putting ice into a big bowl. Then they place the bowl next to the blowing fan. This creates a misty, cool brief during hot days, that feels great. The easiest way to cool a room is to try to cool it with ice.

Tips To Cool Down A Room Naturally
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13. Close the Blinds

If air conditioning is not proper, sunlight should be avoided by the windows. You can use blinds to help you with that situation. But getting those blinds closed is important. There are people who may like to close them down because they like to have their atmosphere darker.

Tips To Cool Down A Room Naturally
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These are some easy and environmentally friendly tips to cool down a room naturally that doesn’t take you long to implement.

Even in the warmest climates, with minimal use of air conditioning, it is possible to remain comfortable indoors. These strategies not only save you money but are an excellent way to ensure that you do your part in protecting the environment. With global warming risks increasing hot weather problems in the future, solutions that focus not only on short-term comfort but also on the long-term impact are critical.

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