Tips For Self-Care To Take Care Of Yourself

Self care tips
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                       Tips For Self-Care

“Self-Care”….word itself sounds bit selfish same time relaxing, but what’s the problem if you become selfish for your wellness?

A woman handles lots of stress than other human beings. So what’s a big deal if you try to overcome your tiredness, stress or if wants overcome anxiety?

Here I am trying to share ideas to become a little selfish for your wellness. These ideas will help all working and stay at home moms, who really don’t get time for self-care but willing to get it. So here are some advice for you all.

1) Schedule your beauty care routine:

No matter you’re working or a non-working but “CTM” should be your regular routine to get that fabulous skin for longer. Being a mom your skin has drastic changes. So CTM i.e. cleansing, toning, moisturizer helps you to get at least clean, glowing and maintained skin.

Try to use paraben & sulfate free beauty products. Go for organic ones, as they are more natural. “Remember your looks can add different confidence in you”.

2) Silence please:

Give 5 minutes time to your body or more than that if possible to meditate. Do all your mental adjustments in these 5 minutes to spend your whole day with productivity. These will not only help to awake your body but also your senses and mind.

3) Add some more nutrition:

Drink lots of water to keep yourself fresh and hydrated. Go for alternatives like green tea, green coffee instead of regular coffee or tea as it helps to keep yourself hydrated and healthy too.

Do workouts at home. At home just because it’s absolutely free and you can manage it as per your free timings. Eat lots of green veggies and fruits. Skip your favorite meals for 5 days a week. Do a healthy and nutritious diet. Also, go for two cheat days instead of one.

5) Try to read as much as you can:

This will increase your knowledge plus it will help you to distract from sitting ideal. Be a good example for your kids.

6) Early mornings:

Get up early if possible so that you can take lots of advantages of it. You can divide your time in the morning. While everyone is sleeping you can spend some “ME” time. Also, you can follow your beauty routine, book reading, work-out during this. But for this, you should go to bed as early as possible before night.

7) A corner for Relaxation:

Make a corner in your bedroom or balcony where you can relax & chill when you want. Use the oil diffuser with essential oils. Aromatherapy makes drastic changes in your mood. Try to write a journal while sitting at your corner. It will release all your tensions in note & makes you feel free.

8) Have enough sleep:

To be free all the time in a day you must follow your sleep routine. You should get at least eight hours of sleep. Try to plan everything for tomorrow before you go to bed.

And you will never skip the things which you want to do.

9) Shopping:

Shop for yourself. Try to look better & beautiful. Keep yourself positive from which you will automatically feel confident. Have gossip with your partner and friends to choose things for you, give them a chance to become your mirror.

Always try to onboard yourself with things which really you like by heart and mind.

10) Prepare time blocks & shuffle them:

Schedule your day with blocks of hours & with your activities. And shuffle these activities so that you won’t feel bored by doing the same things every day. Try to add more adventure & cut off the negative moments and people from your daily routines.

Hope all these 10 tips will help you to get enough time for yourself & you will think about your needs to change your boring daily routines.

And as per me, you must follow self-care as it helps to give your family 100 percent if you feel your best mentally and physically.

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