Teething Tablets For Babies: Is It Safe?

Teething Tablets Safe For Babies: Is It Safe?
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While growing up, an infant must pass several benchmarks. Sometimes these small benchmarks can make the baby uncomfortable and teething can be one of them! Although not all babies are comfortable and if the baby has no pain or discomfort, then thank you to your stars. But it can be equally appalling for you as a parent if your child has teeth uncomfortably! And maybe it’s something that you want to consider options that can easily relieve your baby’s pain and teeth tablets. In this post let us know how safe teething tablets for babies and other related aspects of the topic are.

What Are Teething Tablets?

It is important to know exactly what teething tablets for infants are before considering this option! Well, toothpicks or pills are small globules formulated to dissolve with saliva or with few sips of water into a baby’s mouth. These teething tablets are typically homeopathic medicines that may contain ingredients like Coffea Cruda that can be used to fight insomnia, Chamomilla that can help alleviate the irritability of babies and other such ingredients.

Are Teething Tablets For Babies Safe For Babies?

The short answer to this is no, according to the FDA. They encourage mothers and dads to seek pain relief for their babies elsewhere because teething tablets have ingredients known to be toxic, including belladonna, also referred to as deadly nightshade. These products are currently being investigated, but parents are now being asked not to use them.

Teething Tablets Safe For Babies: Is It Safe?

Why Should You Avoid Teething Tablets

Teething tablets can contain toxic or harmful ingredients. There is a concern. The supplementing industry is not limited, and without getting it properly tested there is no way to check precisely what is in a tablet.  FDA warned in 2010 that a specific tablet brand should stop its use and that any tablets still have should be disposed of. This led to a voluntary recall by the company which manufactured them.

The alarm came because the tablets had Belladonna, a plant that has many unfriendly nicknames as well. While it is often marketed as an addition, the national medical library describes the medication as “possibly dangerous” in its mouth. While the teething tablet is unfortunate, any product that contains belladonna is carefully regulated. Babies are also at risk of taking more tablet pills than recommended and lead to symptoms like lethargy, convulsions, and excessive sleepiness.

Side Effects of Teething Tablets For Babies

Since it is necessary to dilute homeopathic treatments greatly, no side effects should occur. But should is the keyword. Without an analysis of the FDA, you put your trust in the manufacture.

While not all teething tablets have been recalled, it is best to err on the safe side. If you have any kind of teething tablets in your medicine cabinet, experts state you to throw them away. Call for medical help immediately if you notice that your child has difficulty breathing, a weakness in the muscles, flushing of the skin or a seizure, and also if it seems to be particularly agitated.

Alternatives To Teething Tablets

It’s natural for parents to look for options that can ease the pain and discomfort of the child. However, it is highly recommended to consider options that are a safer bet. Here are some safe options you might want to try:

  • A cold wet washcloth can be used to relieve any teeth pain that your baby may have. This remedy works particularly well, particularly when you have an obvious sign of teeth in the mouth of your infant.
  • Place a teething toy, pacifier, or other chewing stuff in the fridge and give it to your baby if it is scratching or painful. But make sure that the toys don’t freeze.
  • Massaging the genitals of your baby is a good way to alleviate teething problems for your baby. Make sure your fingertips are clean and that you do not touch your baby’s gums more closely. Use softer movements or just let your little one gnaw to glory!
  • Sometimes teething may put pressure on the ears of your little one. You will try to lift the mattress of your baby by adding some rolled towels. This might help to bring some relief to your munchkin!
  • Another tried and tested way to get out of this condition is to divert the mind of your baby and to enjoy some enjoyable activities. What better to forget the annoying discomfort than to play with parents!

Teething Tablets Safe For Babies: Is It Safe?

Teething may be difficult, but remember that it’s temporary-hang in and put a dose of cuddles and take some extra time for your baby. With a baby teething, you may need to take it easy so that they can rest and push the teeth!

However, when deciding on prescription or other forms of medications, any parent would like to take the right decisions in terms of caring for their babies, well, you are better advised to consult the pediatrician of your baby for them! The doctor of your baby will direct you best.

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