Teething, Or Your Baby Is Sick?

Teething, Or Your Baby Is Sick
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Teething is a important and exciting phase in your baby’s life. It means that now your child can eat variety of food. But for your baby its not a pleasant phase.  Teething can be challenge and it makes your happy , comfortable child into cranky & uncomfortable.  

Teething occur around  6 months of age , the same time when usually baby get sick more. So, its difficult for the parents to understand what make there child uncomfortable. Teeth or an Illness? All baby’s go through this experience at some point of time so its the most common concern for the new parents. During teething every child experience the different symptoms. Most common symptoms are Vomiting, Irritation, loss of appetite.

To know weather your baby is uncomfortable because of teething or because of sickness consult with pediatrician. 

Symptoms If Your Baby Is Teething

Teething start early but it takes 4 to 7 months to erupt the first tooth. Most kids have 20 teeth at the age of 3 years. So you will check when the teeth are coming by seeing the month of the baby and also by running your finger over gums. Common symptoms of teething are:

  • Drooling: Baby drop uncontrollable clear saliva from month and it’s normal.
  • Chewing: At the time of teething baby wants to chew something .
  • Slightly Raise In Temperature: There is slightly raise in temperature during teething but that not a fever.
  • Swelling In Gums:  At the time of teething the gums of baby looks red and feel sore.
  • Fussiness: Your child get irritated and something change there eating and sleeping habits also.

Symptoms If Your Baby Is Sick

Kids usually get sick at the the early age and occur differently in every baby. Some common symptoms are:

  • High Fever: The temperature over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit may results in infection. So to avoid this infection consult with the doctor.
  • Loss Appetite for Solid & Liquid : Baby refuse to take solid or liquid food then it can be possible they have some health issues.
  • Body Rashes: Drooling is normal for babies and rashes because of drooling in face is also normal. But if rashes are spread in legs, arms can be illness.
  • Continuity of the symptoms: If the symptoms like irritability, fever, cough, vomiting continue for long days then its a sign of illness.  

If your baby is uncomfortable for several days and you cant see a tooth, then something is wrong with your child health. Reach out the doctor immediately.  

Managing Symptoms Of Teething:

  • Give them something to chew like teething ring, unsweetened cracker. Don’t give any object which is hard or can injure your baby’s mouth.
  • Massage there gums with your finger. Make sure your finger is clean.
  • If your baby is facing pain in gums then consult with the doctor to suggest some medicine like Infant Advil to relieve the pain. But remember if your baby is less than 6 month old then don’t give any kind of medicine.
  • At the time of drooling baby face get rashes. So, prevent the baby from rashes always keep wipes everywhere to clean the saliva.