Tech-Savvy Kids !!

Your kid has become a tech savvy and you are proud about it..!!  Really ???
He spends all his day in laptops, cell phones watching various educational videos. He keeps himself busy in your smart phone playing trending games adeptly while you shop your grocery or trying on some outfits for your next outdoor trips.
Video calling with your distant relatives keep you babies engaged while you are finishing up your household activities.
How savior these tricks are ..just a small smart phone that everyone have and your cranky kid is under grip !!
Do you really think these gadgets are Savior !!     NO……They are huge destroyers. 
On what principle does a cell phone work?
Cell phones works on signals transmitted/received from cell towers using RF waves. They are non ionizing radiations which are not as harmful as Gamma and UV radiations but it is found to heat up the body tissue when penetrates in higher levels.
Whenever you phone is in poor connectivity or at such a place where huge number of people are using wifi or signal, make your phone emit more waves to fetch good signals. In that case you are prone to absorb more RF waves.
How Does this affect kids?
Long use of Smartphones are not safe for any kid who is below 15 years.
Specially when the baby is below 8 years, his skull is not as strong as any adult, in fact in babies (below 18 months) there is a soft membranous gaps (sutures) on his head which is an easy gate to any harmful radiations if exposed for some longer duration. 
Therefore it is always advised to keep any cell phone or wireless device or wifi router 10-12 inches away from the area where your child spend time.
DO NOT ENCOURAGE him to play with Gadgets.
A kid adopts any habit when he is either encouraged for it or is not discouraged to not to adopt it.
If you are firm enough and do not let your kid engage into Televisions, Laptops and cell phones, then you must be introducing him to some other indoor games or fun & craft activities or you must be allowing him to play outside. Which is way more beneficial than any other thing. 
Researchers have proved that a kid who is able to involve more into outdoor games or craft etc activities visualizes and comprehends better than others. Their social skill grooms better and they tend to apply minds more productively towards any challenge. 
What can be done, when it is necessary?
We all know that at this modern tech era it has become so difficult to avoid usage of smart phones where it is required to be kept at our disposal for every single activity. Sometimes we can not avoid to use it, as some school activities of kids needs to be done online or sometimes we need to seek help from google to resolve or learn few things with the kids only. 
What to do in such cases-
1. Watch Offline Videos- When it is required to watch some educational videos, you better download them and watch later with your kids keeping your phone data off.
2. Airplane Mode-  When you wish to let your baby play on your smart phone (It should be restricted for a very few minutes a day) switch on the airplane mode so that your phone will not receive any RF waves.
3. Use hands-free- When you need to chat on video with your relatives, do not force your kid to come near the screen, let him be at some distance or let him use a hands-free cord if he is mature enough to handle it.
4. No laptop on Lap- Your kid may watch you working on laptop while sitting and keeping it on lap and may copy you sometime, Do not let that happen. Its not safe for you also to work that way.
5. Learn and show- You may find some videos helpful for your kids such as rhymes, stories, craft activities etc. Better you check them out yourselves for your toddlers and show them later yourselves. This way will also make your connection better with him, and it brings extra fun.
Trust us 🙂
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**image source – Ram Pages.