How to Plan a Sweet 16 Birthday Party?

How to Plan a Sweet 16 Birthday Party?
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How to plan a 16-year-old birthday party at home? What are the best ideas for the 16th birthday party? What are the best ideas for the game? Do you have to struggle with all these questions? This article helps you plan your sweet 16 birthday party.

A sweet sixteen is a big age celebration that honors the young adulthood’s growth and achievement. Sweet 16 is the age that will give your teen lots of responsibilities. So, it’s time to make your preparations for an awesome 16th birthday party before you turn into a life with responsibility.

How to Plan a Sweet 16 Birthday Party?

Here are the few things you need to look for before you prepare a 16th birthday party.

1. Budget Setting

Budget is the most important consideration that helps you to plan the other items. Setting a budget in advance will allow you to determine what you can invest from the start.

2. Teen Involvement

After you have set a budget, get your teen to choose their favorite theme and plan the list of guests. The participation of your young people throughout the planning process will help them learn how to take responsibility.

3. Guest List

Giving it to your teen after the list of family members has been noted. Your teen should know better about who to be invited to the party.

4. Date And Venue

With timeless fun and entertainment, home is the perfect place to celebrate birthday parties on budget.

5. Invitations

Tell your teen to create his / her own invitation. Send out all invites a month ahead of time. With these ways you can use to send out invitations.

  • Handover direct to the guests
  • Deliver them by courier
  • E-mail the invitations

6. Choose a Menu

Depending on the location of the party you can choose either catered or home cooked food. Choose food items that are easy to eat while standing up, as guests mingle with each other rather than sitting. Do not forget to take  a cake or cupcakes.

7. Choose a Theme

It is the perfect way of showing off the personal interests of your teen You can choose the theme based on the interests, books, favorite colours, songs movies or sports of your teen

You also have the opportunity to request your guests to dress up in something related to the theme you chose. It’s the best idea to reflect the theme of the party in the invitation.

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Theme Ideas

You will focus the whole party on your theme. The theme is all about items like invites, cake design, games, events, colors, places, favours, dishes, snacks, cups. It’s going to make the event the greatest ever.

1. Glow Party Theme

Glow party theme requires neon-made materials because it glows in the dark. Decorate with balloons, neon lights tableware with neon balloons.

Glow necklace, bracelets, glow sticks, glow earrings and neon masks are the items you have to offer to your guests. This gives the party more color and fun.

How to Plan a Sweet 16 Birthday Party?
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2. Wonderland Party Theme

With this theme bring winter to the party. It can be decorated easily with the blue lights, winter woods, a snow globe.

The white-colored balls and snowman can also be placed around the venue.

How to Plan a Sweet 16 Birthday Party?
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3. Beach Theme

Throwing a party with beach theme adds more fun to the party. Decorations, food, favour and music can bring your party to the beach. You need to bring sand and water to the party place for a beach-theme party. Pay attention to all senses, such as sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.

How to Plan a Sweet 16 Birthday Party?
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4. Black and White Theme

The main theme for the party will remain a black and white cake with sixteen written over it.

Two chocolate fountains, one with dark chocolate and the other with white chocolate on either side of the cake will also make this theme more unique. It brings black and white into the party making it so enjoyable.

How to Plan a Sweet 16 Birthday Party?
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Sweet 16 Birthday Party Decor Ideas

Plan the decorations that match the theme to make your sweet sixteen birthday unique. Decorate the party space with the basics thing.

1. Birthday Banner

Purchase a happy birthday banner ready-made, or make your own.

You can also leave a few blanks on the birthday banner which enables guests to write their greetings and wishes for your teen.

How to Plan a Sweet 16 Birthday Party?
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2. Table Decorations

Whether you’re choosing a single long dining table or table all over the party room, cover them with the affordable colored paper cloth. Assure that the table decoration fits according to the theme.

How to Plan a Sweet 16 Birthday Party?
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3. Balloons

Balloons make it beautiful and economical for any party. Use lots of balloons as they can be used for games. Make sure that the color of the balloon suits the theme. Helium balloons floating above the table refreshes the party. Create a balloon arch using double tape, by adhering the balloons to the frame.

How to Plan a Sweet 16 Birthday Party?
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Sweet Sixteen Birthday is an important event to remember, as it marks the excitement of adulthood approaching. Sweet sixteen birthday party in her life and society invites girls into another level of maturity. There are plenty of options but these are the best ideas on a budget for a perfect 16th birthday party at home.

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