Tips To Turn Every Failure Into Success

Tips To Turn Every Failure.
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Turn Your Every Failure Into Success


Failure is part of life and part of business most certainly. We don’t often recognize it, but failure is a key element of our success as well.

Our instinct is to be disgraced at failure, perhaps because we don’t like how it humiliates us, as though we did something wrong.

But if you can change your viewpoint and look at failure not as something to be embarrassed about, but as something precious, you can start to realize that it is through failure that we are genuinely learning to succeed.

The sooner we stop shaming our shortcomings, the easier it is to turn them into our own advantage.


How to Succeed by Trying to Fail


1. Mistakes aren’t a problem, but not taking the opportunity to learn from them:

Identify and learn from your mistakes quickly. Many successful people have had some sort of failure — and they are building on those lessons. To learn to fail well is to learn to understand your mistakes. There is a potential for growth in every mistake.


2. Be careful how you speak to yourself as you listen:

Self-talking, especially after a failure, can be incredibly damaging. Take care of your self-talk and don’t let it make you feel worthless — especially after a failure. Let it sting for a moment, then do your best to stay positive and get back on track.


3. Doing something imperfectly is far better than doing nothing perfectly:

The only true failure is to do nothing — inaction endangers everything. If we don’t do anything, it means we don’t move anywhere. And that’s a way to stay in failure for sure. All we need to do is to do nothing for us to fail to triumph.


4. We are the products of our past, but we must not allow ourselves to be defined by our mistakes:

Even though the past has not gone as we had hoped, our future may still be better than we could imagine. Too often, out of fear that they will define us, we are afraid to talk about our past and our failures. Let it go, but stay focused on what is to come.


5. The fear of failure is the enemy of success:

Not failure itself is so dangerous – it is a fear of failure that prevents us from doing nothing. You’re conquering it by facing it, like all fears. And if the fear of doing nothing goes beyond the fear of doing something wrong, your true work starts.


6. Consistent action leads to consistent results:

Strength comes not from what you can do, but from mastering things you once thought you couldn’t do. So let go down, but learn to dust off and get up and move forward. What you do each day is more important than what you do every once in a while. Coherence is essential for success.


7. You can’t do it on your own — and you don’t have to:

Sometimes our shortcomings keep us in our old ways and we need assistance to help us overcome our bad habits. The worst thing we can do is think we have to deal with it on our own. Find a trainer, mentor, or partner who promotes you in your attempts and has the expertise to make you point to your own achievement.


Intentionally Increase The Rate Of Your Failure


If the more you fail, the more successfully (and successful it is), then your immediate objective should be to increase your failure rate intentionally! With this thought in mind, you succeed even when you fail. Yes, this philosophy is counter-intuitive and reverse, but believe it or not it works.

The “Go for No” concept is based on a deliberately increased failure. “Go for No” means the more people say “no” to you, the closer you get to ultimate success.

In other words, the more people say’ no’ to you now, the more people say’ yes’ in the long run. If you counted “no” in a typical day or week as many times, in fact, it would shock most people to see that the number actually is small. Go on and try it! Try it!

Change Your “Success” And “Failure” Mental Model



They see themselves in the middle, with one end being successful and the other being failing. To move towards success and away from failure, they do everything they can. But what if this model was reconfigured?


Instead of seeing failure as something to avoid, turn it into a “step-stone” on the road to success and gratification. In other words: the destination is a success. Failure is how you get there.

In order to achieve significant success in the world of today, failure is not simply a possibility but is a prerequisite. We must see success and failure for what they really are. Instead, they are against the opposite sides of the same coin


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