How To Stay Motivated All The Time?

Stay Motivated
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     How To Stay Motivated All The Time?

Being a mommy or a working woman at the age of 25 makes me so depressed many a time. Then I started shouting on others, I used to cry for no reason, I use to take a leave from the office for no reason, use to feel anxiety on a higher level, even went to a psychiatrist for therapy but was not satisfied with the results. Then I decided to fight with the situation by taking the help of myself no one else. I started working for this and then I realized that these all things are just because of my surroundings, my habits. Then I started focusing on my habits & seriously you won’t believe I started seeing the results within a month. I still keep adding new habits in my routine to stay motivated.

             So, here I am going to tell you some daily routine ideas which will help to keep yourself healthy and motivated & also organized as a mommy and a woman.

Don’t snooze your alarm:

  Once you become a morning person no one can beat you in anything, because waking up early is the best thing or a habit for your goodness & for that you should start your day early so that you cover all planned activities on time and you never need to postpone them for any reason and mainly you will not be a reason if the things get delayed or change, which will be satisfactory to you and for that never snooze your alarm and get up as early as possible.

Be Calm:

   One’s you off your alarm bell, don’t rush immediately to the work or routine. Be calm, keep your phone away from you. Take a deep breath, do meditation, so that you will be mentally prepared for your day. Then complete your morning activities like brush your teeth, wash your face, etc. Take a glass of warm water to drink, sit for at least 8 to 10 minutes and feel the things around you so you should feel the sound of the birds, changes in the sunlight, smell of room freshener/essential oils, your breathing. Starting with these methods can help you to spend your day with productivity and positivity.


  Instead of rushing to the gym, manage it through your home or garden. Do crunches, squats, etc. staying active with this will give you energy and will make your mind active for a whole day. Go for morning walk, spending time with nature will increase your positivity & will refresh your mood for sure. And yes workout & walk will help you to activate your senses.

Cut off sugar:

  Try to consume natural sugar. Replace your synthetic sugar with jaggery, honey, dates & there are many alternative options available. Go for organic green tea, sugar-free cereals with fresh fruits, smoothies, etc.

So let’s have something healthy in the breakfast which will make your mind healthy & also say bye-bye to heart disease & this helps you to look good and feel good.

Watch motivational speaker daily:

  Watching a motivational speaker daily will help to learn new thing, and in result, you will start changing your habits. Start implementing their ideas for your goodness. Instead of scrolling social media for a long time in a day, save some time for motivational speakers, listen to their success stories, read their books. Listening and reading motivational and positive stories will help you to increase your power of motivating yourself and others. Be a positive icon for others.

Stick motivational quotes around you:

  Write or stick some of your favorite motivational quotes around your room or place to stay motivated. Place them everywhere so that you can read them every alternate time and keep yourself positive & motivated.

Restrict your phone:

The more you stick to the phone the more you feel isolated and depressed. As per Robin Sharma’s book “5-AM Club”, don’t use the phone two hours before you go to the bed and follow the same in the morning after waking up don’t rush to your phone at least for two hours. And maintain this for the whole day, check your phone if required and important. Because using it too much will affect your brain, eyes, and mind at the same time.

Clean up your space for a clear mind:

  Clean your space, make your bed after you wake up every morning so that when you will back to home you can lay down with comfort and it will make you mind happy after seeing the bed ready and neat. Cleaning up and de-cluttering the space like a bedroom, kitchen, balcony, washrooms will help to keep your mind clear, fresh & focused and in the results, you will feel positive, motivated, well organized with the clear mindset.

Enforce a positive mindset:

  Don’t overthink the situation instead think about solutions because situations are not in your hands but how to behave in a specific situation is in your hands. Motivate yourself to think positive. Stay in conversation with the people who elevate your mood and talk positively.

Be patient:

     Don’t be too hard on yourself and keep trying. And yes, your time will come. Don’t be harsh on others, it may be your partner, your child or anyone else but while being harsh on others you are becoming harsh on yourself. Try to increase your patient and results will be incredible. 

So, I hope my message to all of you is being a mom is the powerful blessing from God, and being a woman is the more blissful and strong. So keep your heels, goals, standards high. And yes everybody can listen to your roar in silence. 

              “Change your habits or your habits will change you ”

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