How Smriti Irani Balancing Motherhood With Politics

Smriti Irani Balancing Motherhood With Politics
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How Smriti Irani Balancing Motherhood With Politics

Smriti Irani, MP from Amethi, has caught people’s attention. Not only because of her huge political victory but also as an endowment mother. The proud mother of Son, Zohr, Zoish Daughter and Shanelle’s step-daughter keeps sharing pictures of her child’s social media. She recently went to the platform to congratulate them “despite challenges” on the results of their board exams.

Making one’s mark as a female leader in a sector extremely dominated by males is a commendable achievement on its own. Whatever grueling the profession may be, Smriti Irani plays an additional role back home–a mother.

She is a classic example of women who have resumed their professional journey. Leaving her once established profession for something less talked about. And she not only accepted the ups and downs with ease but was hell-bound to succeed by maintaining herself focused on the path rarely chosen. She learns that relentless hard-working focus will repay and she will never hesitate to choose the less selected path She’s a steady learner.

Since joining politics, the Smriti Irani has evolved Learning the nuances from the bigwigs. She has been continually polishing herself and today if on board, can be seen as an emerging orator. You can’t know everything, with changing times you need to learn and relearn.

The Working Mother.

We have countless examples of motherhood as a woman’s greatest weakness. Although mothers are the strength epitome, children are the weakness of a mother. Every job has that fear and guilt of not giving enough time to her kids and so she’s got but Smriti Irani proved again that it’s quality, not quantity that matters and she’s been absent yet present for her kids this year giving both their board exams. So all those who think working mom’s are paying less attention, don’t judge.


Let your Work Speak For You

When Mrs. Vadra asked, “Who Smiriti?” we admire the poise she showed.”She accepted the people of that little sleepy village who had the first family of Indian politician to work for them but had no roads and worked within her means.

She had the “TV Star” tag, attached to her, and people just wrote her off a few years ago. Won’t tell that she was unaffected but she decided to follow it in her footsteps and continually collaborated and created history to make sure that nobody ever wonders again “Who Smriti?”Her work is not depicted by PR, but the command of the people created a loud cheer.

Family Support:

Whatever your fame and name is, there are always a number of people in the globe who keep you rooted, loved, nurtured and safe and want to keep you safe They’re always your safeguard The latest sexist remarks and issues on her educational background (although we have a whole family of uneducated prime ministers, government ministers, and aspiring prime ministers) have been discussed, it was her family that remained strong stone. “Children were most impacted,” she confessed, as they were hard to clarify, but then they were the family!

The Next Door Women

She’s just the next door women who go to get Vegetables. She’s got her own share of family arguments Her teens also give her woes and she loves to post an Instagram with children with the slenderest caption that I’m sure her teen won’t approve!

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My love , my life , my babies ❤️

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There is wisdom beyond age:

There were a few of her words that I will carry. “After this election, I forgive but don’t forget,” and being “more Zen-like.” She learns that it’s essential to work and overlook the sound around you. People will be judging, commenting and putting you down on any specified occasion, but it is you who have to choose whether and how to react. Wisdom doesn’t come with age, but with more of you in your life.

Smriti Irani is capable of breaking barriers, achieving financial independence and climbing higher heights despite playing various roles. She can simultaneously play all the roles without compromising on anything.

Motherhood brings happiness to the life of each mother. But for her, it’s not the end of the road. Her identity isn’t just a mother’s stop. It’s NOT her life’s ultimate achievement. There’s more to her, and besides being a mother, she can achieve a lot.

So, Let’s take a pledge and let’s not make our fellow women down and crush their courage. Instead, let us extend a helping hand to them, support them, and encourage them in society to achieve more and stand up with men.

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