What Are The Signs Of Manipulation?

What Are The Signs Of Manipulation?
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Do you know somebody who really gets what they want when they want? Have you been impressed by the perseverance of this person and yet felt a little distaste with the situation because something seemed wrong? Okay, if you felt they were taking advantage of you (or someone else), you’re right. When it comes to relationships, work and life, there are many individuals who are master manipulators. These manipulators are usually incredibly narcissistic too. We also have high emotional intelligence which they use to tune in to the needs of other people which they then use to exploit them emotionally. Scroll down to know the signs of manipulation.

What Are The Signs Of Manipulation?

Here are some signs of manipulation which manipulator use to tune in to the needs of other people which they then use to exploit them emotionally.

1. Lying

Lying is the most powerful weapon of any manipulator. They don’t have a conscience, so they don’t necessarily feel bad for lying to others. If there is a risk they will lie to achieve what they want, they will definitely do so. In fact, the manipulators lie in subtle ways. They sometimes withhold much detail from you or distort the truth.

2. Generous With Favors And Gifts

At the beginning of a relationship, a manipulator may seem very nice, kind and compassionate to you. You may be given expensive presents that you can view as an expression of love or affection. But they simply just bribe you in exchange for more favors in the future.

What Are The Signs Of Manipulation?
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3. Forced Teaming

This is a technique used to create a sense of solidarity with their chosen target by con artists and manipulators. They use the term’ we’ often. Also, they are trying to plan a shared experience or intention with you where none actually exists. They may use sentences like “We’re an excellent team” and “How can we deal with it? And both of us.” The strongest manipulators make the victim want to participate.

4. They Pretend To Be A Victim

Manipulators that pretend to be victims of somebody’s situations, circumstances or abuse to make you feel sorry for them. When someone is trying to seek your attention, look closely at that person and try to discern whether they really are a victim. A manipulator will often speak about violence or a traumatic incident in a cool, calm, and disconnected manner.

What Are The Signs Of Manipulation?
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5. Silent Treatment

Using the “silent treatment” is a warning sign that you might have a manipulator to deal with. It is a form of emotional (passive-aggressive) violence in which disapproval, frustration, rage, and disdain are expressed by keeping silent and using nonverbal gestures. We may even use silent treatment if they are a sadistic manipulator just to hurt you.

6. Shaming

Consider this as a warning sign when a person always says disrespectful or hurtful things about your family, weight, appearance or job. Manipulators pay close attention to and use these against, the insecurities and vulnerabilities of others. They use bullying to make their target feel indignant or incompetent and submissive to them.

What Are The Signs Of Manipulation?
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7. Gas Lighting

This is a super-powerful technique that manipulators use. It’s about twisting reality for a reason. A manipulator can be considered a genius when it comes to manipulating the truth to achieve its own ends. It doesn’t really matter what the truth is, they’re going to make it look like it’s actually your fault. You will become so mentally ill by the time they’re done with you, that you won’t be able to trust your own thoughts.

8. Guilt Tripping

Look out for people who often want to make you feel guilty. Chances are you are being exploited by this person. Manipulators manipulate the good nature of their victims. They want to keep them in a place of fear, guilt-ridden, self-doubt and submission.

9. Denial

Manipulators are skilled deniers and dishonest people If somebody hurts your feelings and you point out their bad behavior, they will deny it even though they have clearly been badly behaving. This is where you should be cautious. Don’t be fooled by their rejection or making you doubt yourself.

10. Niceness

To achieve sex or power the manipulator will use charm. Charm comes to them naturally, because they are ruthless creatures. They don’t have any qualms about hurting anyone. A normal person won’t use dirty tricks to seduce someone but it’s easy for a manipulator to do so. Manipulators are observing human behavior. They spend time with others figuring out what they want and need. They offer you the same thing until they figure that out, to get you to rely on them. If someone is overly charming and attractive to you, you have to think about what that person might want of you.

11. Untrue Compliments

Excessive or false compliments are a red flag for you. Take close attention to what is to come. You need to question yourself – what really does this person want from me? At the beginning of a relationship, a manipulator may seem very compassionate, kind, and generous towards you. They can give you expensive presents which you can interpret as an expression of love or affection. But in fact, in exchange for the future, they’re only bribing you to get bigger favors.

12. Good First Impression

Manipulators also make great impressions at first. They look stunning, have a fake manner or a winning smile that distracts others from what they really say. A manipulator can make a very good first impression, but when you spend time with them their mask comes off.

These are 12 signs of manipulation which manipulator use to manipulate the person.

Dealing With Manipulative People

Manipulators can make you completely crazy because they can be so irrational in their actions. Make no mistake-their manipulative conduct runs counter to reason. So why is it that you allow them to suck your energy emotionally? The more off-base and unreasonable a person is, the easier it really should be for you to disengage from their trap. Avoid trying to beat them at this game. Detach yourself emotionally from them and the situation, and handle your communications with them just as you are their therapist. You don’t need to react to the emotional turmoil that they bring. Only concentrate on the truth.

But it requires your skill to maintain emotional distance. You can’t stop someone from pushing the buttons that make you nuts if you don’t even know it. Sometimes you are in circumstances in which you need to withdraw and assemble and think about the best way to handle them. It’s all right and you should never be afraid to spend time doing this.

Manipulators will affect your self-awareness and make you doubt your own well-being Knowing the signs of manipulation can be helpful. But you have to consider that – without your permission, no one can control you.

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