Top 10 Self-help Books to Read To Enhance Our Life

Top 10 Self-help Books to Read To Enhance Our Life
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In the hustle and bustle of fast-moving city life, you can easily lose yourself. People are so enthralled in their work that they have hardly enough time for themselves. They sometimes neglect the value of personal development. When you want to identify a problem and find solutions for the same, some self-help books come handy. Other books concentrate on the development of oneself that can contribute to work, social life, and even personal life. Know all about the best self-help books on our list.

Why It Is Necessary To Read Self-Help Books?

Self-help books can be used to resolve several challenges. Life can sometimes be rough, and all you need is a break. Self-help books also give a different perspective in cases like these. Some of the reasons for reading self-help books are given below.

  • They allow you to connect with a positive outlook towards the world and your surroundings.
  • They motivate you to make the right decision in your life and inculcate more positiveness.
  • Self-help books motivate you to get out of your shell and remove your shortcomings.
  • They keep you focused and help you make your dreams come true.
  • Being an adult isn’t about finding a solution to all your problems. This is where an opinion from a third party might help.

Top 10 Self-help Books to Read To Enhance Our Life

The number of self-books available on the market will make it difficult to choose one. Different books on self-development cater to various types of people and cover particular subjects. If you’re new to this genre, starting from the tried and tested self-help books is the best choice. Here’s a list of the best self-help books to help fine-tune your development.

1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is the magical story of the Andalusian shepherd Santiago, who is hunting for an exquisite treasure. He journeys from his home in Spain to the Tangier markets and a fateful meeting with the alchemist across the Egyptian Desert. The tale of the treasures that he discovers on his journey teaches us the vital wisdom to listen to our hearts, to learn how to read the signs along the path of life, and particularly to pursue our dreams.

Top 10 Self-help Books to Read To Enhance Our Life
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2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki discusses “financial literacy,” which in schools has never been dealt with. He was growing up with two father figures. One who had a difficult time paying for the money that he called ‘bad dad’ and a multi-millionaire eighth-grade dropout lovingly calls him “rich dad.” The book is based on the premise that the rich have money to live for while the poor work for money. This is a must to change everybody’s negative belief system about money or to better understand how money works for you.

Top 10 Self-help Books to Read To Enhance Our Life
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3. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

This book is one of the bestsellers with over 25 million copies sold worldwide. This book on business and self-development encourages people to attain their goals by means of widely accepted moral values. According to Covey, productivity only strikes a balance between anticipated outcomes and the conditions that generate them. In this book, people were encouraged to develop in their careers, using the universal ideals of fairness, completeness, integrity, and dignity.

Top 10 Self-help Books to Read To Enhance Our Life
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4. The Road Less Traveled by M Scott Peck

If a book opens with “Life Is Hard,” you know it’ll wake you up and teach you some blunt lessons. His eternal voice at The Road Less Traveled continues to help us discover what love is and to bring us into a new peace and understanding. You’ll learn how to make a distinction between dependency and affection, become a much more sensitive parent, and finally become a true self.

Top 10 Self-help Books to Read To Enhance Our Life
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5. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Byrne based this book of self-help on the film of the same name. This addresses the law of attraction, and how your emotions directly impact your life. The book is a bestseller for 2006 and has sold more than 30 million copies around the world. This was translated into 50 languages, as well. What this book is all about is a slight shift in the way you think can have a big impact on your life. If you want to be strong mentally and learn confidence read this book.

Top 10 Self-help Books to Read To Enhance Our Life
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6. Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl

This self-help book has helped thousands of readers to explain their lives in Nazi death camps and educate them about the spiritual life. Frankl argues that we cannot escape misery but that we can choose how to deal with it, find sense in it, and step forward with a renewed intent. He suggests that our primary purpose in life is not gratification but the exploration and pursuit of the meaningful things we find.

Top 10 Self-help Books to Read To Enhance Our Life
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7. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

The teachings of Chopra are summarized in seven basic principles that can be used to build progress in any sector in your personal life. The fundamental principle of Chopra is that personal understanding and peace promote relationships and material resources without any additional effort. Each chapter gives details on how this can be done.

Top 10 Self-help Books to Read To Enhance Our Life
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8. The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

With this book, millions of people throughout the world better their lives. Schwartz will help you sell better, lead more efficiently, gain more money, and find more peace and tranquillity (this is great). He shows that you do not have inherent talent, but that you must recognize your habit of thinking and act in ways that will bring you.

9. Who Moved My Cheese? – Spencer Johnson

Johnson is talking about the transition through a fable and how to cope with it positively. Yes, it is an inspiring book. This addresses all the changes in your work or personal life. To express his message, Johnson is using two mice and two “little men” to hunt for the cheese. Since its release in 1998, the book has sold more than 37 million copies. If you are in search of stories that teach you important life lessons, it’s for you!

10. The Power of Intention by Wayne W. Dyer

This is not your usual intent book. Dyer has studied the intention as a force in the universe to conduct creative work. This book discusses the purpose — not what you do — but you are a part of it as energy. Via the unseen power of purpose, we are all meant here. He is the first in our industry to see intent as an energy field that allows you to start co-creating your life with the power of purpose.

There are some real surprises in the top ten self help books, right? Which one of these best self-help books is jumping out on you?

For people who are trying to develop personally, a self-help book can be really helpful. You can choose from a variety of topics and these books can help not only in your personal life but also in your professional life. Psychologists, motivational speakers, businessmen, therapists, etc. have many self-help books. What you gain from these books can be applied not only to your daily life but to your professional life as well. Being positive about your life and having positivity will take you a long way. Go ahead and pick some of those gems. Trust us, you are not going to regret that!

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