Ragi – The Wonder Food


No kid cereal has as good calcium content as Ragi or Nachani. Calcium helps to strengthen bones and it is most important for development in kids and preventing osteoporosis. When Calcium content is good in body then bones do not get fractured easily.

Ragi or finger millet is very nutritious, contains high amounts of proteins, calcium, and iron. It is gluten-free, low in fat, easily absorbable. It also get digested easily by infant, and hence can be introduced after your baby completes 6 months.

Make sure that you consult your doctor before introducing any first food to your baby.

The Key Benefits Of Ragi or Millet:

1. Nutritious – Rich in Iron, calcium.

2. Rich Fiber content – Aids digestion and make your baby feel fuller.

3. Fights Anemia – It has Iron and vitamin C (in sprouted form), which reduces risk of anemia in kids.

Note: Sprouted grains can be ground to be prepared as dalia and given to the baby, if you are not using ready made satv or Ragi powder.

4. Enhances Immunity – It is when paired with ghee and jaggery to prepare porridge, keep body of kid warm in winters and enhances immunity.

5. Rich Source of Mineral – Along with calcium and iron, it is rich in potassium and phosphorus.

6. Anti microbial property –  It act against Bacillus cereus, which causes food poisoning, Salmonella sp., which causes a typhoid-like fever, etc.

7. Controls Diabetes – Complex carbohydrates with high dietary fiber levels and beneficial phytochemicals helps to maintain the blood sugar levels.

Isn’t it a wonder food for kids!!

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