Pros & Cons Of Working From Home

Working From Home
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Pros Of Working From Home

  • Give exceptional Flexibility to Moms: If you are a new mom, then working from home is a good option as you can give time to your newborn baby. Also if you have school going child, then also you can give enough time to your kid like attending any school function, Pick and drop your kid to school or any other activity in which your child involved.


  • Adjustable Schedule: You can adjust your schedule according to you like you can take a break any time, No need to rush to your family in case of emergency & can eat your lunch any time.


  • Avoid Office Politics: In every work, there is politics to grow more and more and sometimes these politics affect us and our growth in the firm. 


  • Save Money: Working from home also helps to save money. Cost of transportation or take away lunch will eliminate and you can save money from this also.


  • Save Time: Everyday you sacrifice your one or more hours to reach office and come back. Working from home add this time back to your day which can be invested in your family, exercise or doing some other activity.


Image Source: Pixabay

Cons Of Working From Home

  • Disturbance In-Home: Working from home need a different level of discipline, as there is no one around who can check what you are doing. To be more productive in your work you have to create an environment that helps to focus on your work. Also Family needs attention when you are working from home, so it is important to let them know that you are working and can be available after completion of work.


  • Concentration:  It is one of the biggest problems of working from home. Your concentration will suffer from the noise of family, kids, television etc. Also, you get distracted from any unnecessary chats with any person who visits your home as they think you don’t have any work.


  • Estrangement From Daily Company Development: In the era of changing thing company also changes many things in development & if you work from home, you didn’t get the ideas what is changing in your workplace like new stuff, new policies, new business etc.


  • Danger in your Growth or promotion: If you away from your office, then there is a chance of not getting noticed for your work, no matter how productive you are. It will lead to delays in your growth. It’s important to communicate with the management and regular visit the office in order to show and prove your productivity and dedication towards your work.