Promotions of Contraceptives


Govt say no condoms ad from 6 AM till 10 PM on televisions, on the other hand a report confirms that approximately 1.6 crore abortions are done in India in an Year.

Figure submitted to the govt is not surprising, raise your brows to the figure 81% of 1.6 Crore viz around 13 million abortions are done at home. Which is completely considered as unsafe.
1. First question is where you’ll restrict what and how many barriers you’ll create?
Thanks to the competition of the internet data providers, net surfing is easier & cheaper than buying a cup of tea for yourself. In such a time, kids are exposed to all the non sense present on the internet. Those all salacious filthy content will now or later confront them.
Solution is ..yes restrict their television and internet usage but also make them learn right lessons on sex education. So that they will know what is wrong and when is the time to raise a voice !
2. Second is, What is making an abortion rate high in country?
Is it lower literacy rate? Or lack of knowledge on contraceptives? Or Free and Independent teenagers who run as per the social media and are too carefree to give a serious thought on consequences?
Or just carelessness which is spread everywhere no matter you live in Rural areas or Urban?
Question is big and the answers would be many, as per the type of people. Cause can not be answered in the single question.
But here I want to raise a question; when we know that maximum number of the abortions are done through medicines which is unsafe when used at home without being visualized by a doctor, then how people are buying those pills so easily from the drug stores.
There must be a lack of “Ban” here.

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