Tips to Smoothen Preschool Routine

Tips to Smoothen Preschool Routine
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  Tips to Smoothen Preschool Routine

Being a parent you become so protective about your child. But somehow time passes quickly and the day arrives where both of you are going to get started with something new. And yes, that is the “First day at Preschool”. For some children and parents it easy but for some of them, it’s not that easy. So here I am sharing some tips to smoothen Preschool Routine make it a bit easy. And I have tried all preschool routine tips and yes, all of them have worked for me in an excellent way

1) Prepare Their Minds:-

Start telling your child the pros of going to school. Give an idea to them, what fun they will have after going there. So that when the first day arrives they easily get settled over there in fact they will start imagining before that “How my school will be and how my teachers will be?”

Make it easy for you and for them so this is the most and start this 4 to 5 months before starting school.


2) Don’t rush through the morning:-

Make your child sleep early so that he can complete his sleep and can wake up with a fresh and calm mind on next morning. As he’s going to enter into a new environment and new routine which something extraordinary for him, let’s help him and try to make it easy for him.


3) Be with them but don’t make them dependent:-

I have seen lots of parents carrying their children’s school bags, they wait outside of classrooms for a long time. Which is not bad at all but you should behave strictly at some point, please give some time to them and then you can see your new preschooler will match his school environment very easily. Let them carry their bags so that they become independent, once in a while definitely you help them but not on a regular basis.


4) Keep goodbye short and sweet:-

Hold back your tears a little longer, smiling helps un-scrunch those furrows in your worried brow. Give your new pre-schooler a hug, and let him know when you will be back. And just head out. Forget that you can get panic and help your child to get adjusted there.


5) Send Attractive In Lunch:-

Send something healthy, easy to eat and decorate your kid’s lunch with edible things so that they will start finishing it properly without any help. In fact next time they will have that curiosity, “What will be there in my tiffin?”, and also ask them to try to know whether they liked it or not, and see you will start getting an appreciation for your hard work from your little ones.

6) Label Everything:-

New pre-schooler can forget his things into school, though the teacher and caretakers are there to observe them there will be dozens of items of different kids in their care. Labeling everything will make their lives much easier & it also ensures that you never going to lose anything.


7) Start making practice at home:-

Start doing some things which your child is doing at school. Like, ask them to finish their food by themselves, ask about their day at school, sing rhymes with them, dance with them. So that they will also start doing it without any hesitation at school. And it will also help them to improve their confidence level, catching power and memorizing the rhymes. And they will get settled with their teachers too.


8) Communicate With Preschool  Teacher:-

Communicate with preschool teachers once a week to know about your child’s development.  Check about their behavior a school. Check how the preschooler is interacting with other kids there. All this will help you to understand whether they are settled their or not and also you make changes in them accordingly and in short as a parent you will start helping them to get settled at preschool.


9) Benefits of going to Preschool:-

I have seen some people around me who don’t understand the importance of preschools. So this point is especially for them. Preschool is the place where your child will grow by learning activities like block building, solving puzzles, painting, writing, books, listing and learning stories rhymes. Preschool is not the actual phase where your child has to study a huge and forgot about games and playing. And going to preschool can make your child social and they can understand and improve their behavior.


10) Follow safety Rules:-

And last but very important is the safety of your child. Always speak up with your child about teachers and caretakers behavior. Also, check whether the school is having permission rules to collect the child from school. They must have one more rule i.e. they should not allow any child who is suffering from cold and cough or any other viral infection with which any child can get infected.

So, as per my experience, all these Preschool Routine tips will definitely help you to get adjusted with the new routine of your child.

 “Wish you all happy pre-schooling”

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