How To Prepare Toddler For Sibling?

How To Prepare Toddler For Sibling?
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You may wonder how your child will handle the transition if you are ready to introduce a new baby to your family and have a toddler already. Each family is different and every kid can treat, having a new sibling differently. But here are some tips to prepare toddler for sibling.

When should you talk about the new baby to your older child?

There is no easy way, you will need to focus on ways to prepare the first child sooner or later for a new baby. The timescale plays an important role and can support you as a mother to make the process much easier.

It should not be too hard to tell your kids about the baby; it also depends on your child’s age. It’d be best to tell him about the date of delivery if he was at least 3 years old, but you have to keep it as simple as possible to inform him that he’ll soon have a younger brother or sister. You can wait till the late third trimester for a baby under 3 years until the kid knows something is taking place. In this case, if you tell the child earlier without any real change in your body shape, that would be confusing. You might try to tell him that for his birthday, his younger brother/sister will be here, and he’ll begin to understand.

How To Prepare Toddler For Sibling

It is important to create a positive sense of the new baby in the toddler as he should not feel threatened by the new baby’s arrival. From the moment he understands the news, you will have to start talking to him about his brother/sister so that he can adjust to it and look forward to the arrival of a new family member. You can start by showing him how the baby is growing in your womb right now and perhaps even get his support in setting up the nursery.

Here are a few ways for you to prepare toddler for sibling.

1. Tell your child in a way that he understands

It’s important to tell your child what’s going on with your pregnancy. Since it’s going to start picking up on the physical signs you’re displaying, such as being more tired, feeling nauseated, and increasing belly. If your baby is over three years of age, be sure to break the news earlier. Tell him in a way he can understand and appreciate, like “you’ll have to play with a new baby brother or sister.”

If the baby is less than three, it is best to wait for the news to be revealed until the third trimester. Children who don’t have a good grasp of time and may not understand completely the waiting process before a baby arrives. As your belly gets bigger, they will begin to understand that your body is changing around the third trimester and that a new baby is on the way.

2. Prepared For Any Reaction

Predicting how your little one will react to having a new sibling join him in the family is hard to predict. Many kids are happy, while others are upset and angry. Some of them are totally confused. Regardless of how the news your kid takes of a  new sibling, make sure you and your partner love him unconditionally and this will never change. If he is indifferent or takes some time to respond, he may need a little time to understand the new information. Wait before your child asks you questions and answers them as directly as possible, rather than pepper him with questions or statements.

3. Include the baby in your pregnancy

Make sure that your little one feels included throughout the pregnancy and throughout the child festivities. Take your child to doctor appointments with you and let him hear the pulse of his new brother or sister. Show him pictures of the ultrasound and let him feel the movement of the infant. The more your child is involved in the life of their little sibling the more excited they will be to step into the role of elder brother/sister. If your child is under the age of three, showing them their own newborn pictures is helpful.

4. Talk To Your Toddler

Speak to your kid about the new baby’s arrival to let him know what’s going to happen. Why you’re going to be in the hospital for a few days. He won’t worry this way and will know that newborns need lots of attention and affection. Do not make him feel alone, though. Tell him you love him and the love you have for him won’t change even after the baby arrives.

5. Make Outing Plans

It will be very hectic these first few days after delivery, and most of your attention will be needed for your new baby. This may make the kid feel bad, so make sure he stays busy all the time. At this time, you can squeeze in some outings of the child, so he doesn’t notice the difference too early. With his grandma, uncle or aunty, schedule a fun day out for the kid and he’ll be happy.

6. Get them Involved

If your kid has not yet warmed up to the new child, involvement would certainly bring him closer to the newborn. Get your baby interested in whatever event you do, even if it’s something like changing a diaper. Ask him to take the diaper out of the cupboard. Or to keep a baby watch when you go to the shower. This will bind your two munchkins to each other.

Children younger than 2 or 4 are difficult to deal with. Because they still want to be vigilant and may feel jealous about a new baby. Therefore, the best thing to do is to speak to him as early as possible. Include him in all of the new baby’s activities. School-age children may also feel jealous. But they may have a better understanding of the situation. Just keep pampering your older child sometimes and he won’t complain.

Your baby will certainly warm up in time with his sibling. However, with the tips given above, you can prepare toddler for sibling.

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