Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips For Brides To Be

Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips For Brides To Be
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Each bride wants to look beautiful on her big day, especially regarding skin, smile, figure, and makeup. The good news is that everything can be corrected before the big day with innovative developments-from crooked teeth, dull skin to flabby curves. So when does a bride contact the experts to make the wedding perfect? In the middle of all the wedding chaos, we bring you the top pre-wedding beauty tips for brides-to-be, which may turn out to be lifesavers. Have a look!

Why is Pre Wedding beauty care so important?

You spend lots of money on bridal makeup, so why not try the beauty regime? Here are the reasons are given below to inspire you to find time to follow the beauty regime for at least a month before your wedding day. If you begin to see the impact, you’ll be motivated enough to continue. But you need to devote yourself for about a week to see the results. Here is therefore the reason why this beauty regimen should start as soon as possible:

  • The wedding makeup is going to be really heavy. On your wedding day, you can’t be minimalistic. The shade on your eyes just makes things worse for you if you have raccoon eyes from fatigue and lack of sleep.
  • The wedding makeup foundation is going to be on you for a very long time. Hours before the wedding starts, you have to start getting ready. The marriage lasts for hours. When it is over, all the make-up will not be removed immediately. If you want your skin to be able to handle all this, you need to spend time to take care of it.
  • There’s plenty of hair spray and heat treatment going on in your hair as well. To survive all this, you must have good hair.
  • The great Indian wedding dress you’ve been looking for with dedication will reveal your skin a little. You must take care of your skin, therefore. You can’t have pimples on your back or noticeable stretch marks on your tummy on your wedding day.

Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips For Brides To Be

Here are top pre-wedding beauty tips for brides-to-be, which may turn out to be lifesavers. Have a look!

1. CTM

Without fail, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing should be done daily. This will keep the skin bright and youthful. Your pores stay open with clean and dirt-free faces. This is going to make your skin breathe easier. Continue to reinforce the pores by using toning. Toning also eliminates fine lines to some degree. Finally, moisturizing your face helps to keep the skin smooth and tender in the moisture of the pores. Also, ensure that you diligently apply sunscreen.



Exfoliation is one of the easiest ways to get the skin clean of black and dead cells. Before using a facial wash 2 or 3 times a week, ensure that you exfoliate your face. Use a gentle face wash. A harsh one will make the skin irritated and give you rashes. To exfoliate the skin, you can also use a homemade scrub made from rice flour or whole wheat flour or a combination of both.


3. Facial 

Start receiving monthly facials at least six months before your marriage. If you have less time left in your hand, choose a gold facial for two weeks. Prior to applying any new products on your skin, always ask for a patch test.

4. Hair Spa

For shiny looks, start a hair spa once a month and start this therapy at least six months before the wedding like facials. There are many homemade masks if you do not prefer chemical hair spas, to make your hair shine.

5. Homemade Treatments

If you have too many skin marks or spots, the therapeutic sessions will provide the door for fairer, perfect skin easily. Opt for specialist treatments for patchy skin, sunburn, and pigmentation. Professional esthetician microdermabrasion procedures are also a successful cure for scars and defects. Start treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, and even acne at least six months before your wedding.

After the appropriate number of sittings, try the homemade facial packs to keep the look spotless. Keep your glow by preparing some fruit facial packs of strawberries mashed, apple mashed or papaya mashed. Home Beauty tips for brides are the perfect way to ensure that the effect of clinical care remains.

6. Gym

Stop crash dieting or aggressive workout routines 1-2 months before your wedding. You might look exhausted and crabby. Call a dietitian and a personal trainer for a toned body. Start working at least four months before the wedding to achieve successful weight loss, particularly in problem areas such as the tummy and thighs.


7. Beautiful Hands And Feet

Before you fall asleep at night, keep your hands and feet soft by massaging olive oil. This is going to get rid of the dry skin on your hands and feet. Be sure to use a pumice stone on your feet when you are bathing.

Polished hand and feet nails give your look an additional appeal. Clean and polished nails must surely be managed by bi-weekly or monthly manicures and pedicures.

8. Hair Removal

Keep it well-groomed. This refers to your legs and hands, from which you normally remove your hair. Maintain the shape of your eyebrows. Sudden hair removal can cause minor cuts or rashes from any part of the body. Whatever method you use for hair removal, keep it bi-weekly or monthly, as needed.

9. Diet

You’ve got to drink enough water to keep the body clean of toxins. Go for at least 8-10 glasses of water. Choose coconut water or lime water to shed bloat. Eat a healthy diet made up of fruit, green vegetables, and protein.

Do not suck on junks such as chips, chocolates, ice creams, or sodas. They’re contributing to bloating and skin issues. It’s okay to have a couple of cheat days but keep them in control. Opt for healthy and nutritious snacks such as fruit and sprouts.

It is necessary to provide the body with antioxidants and minerals so that the skin is healthy and radiant. The lack of vitamins or minerals contributes to a deterioration of the nails and hair and a sallow appearance of the skin. Consult your doctor or dietitian for impeccable skin to fill any nutrient gaps.


10. Meditate

One effective way of reducing stress and taking time out is to meditate at least 15 minutes a day. You’re definitely going to feel calmer.

Try and think about positive thoughts. Think of the happy times when this chaotic period has passed. You’ll feel calm and feel a breeze at the marriage. Inner peace will also lead to better wedding snaps.

 11. Sleep

Before the wedding, sleep is absolutely necessary. Sleep deficiency can give dark circles to you. A polished skin, but with dark circles under your eyes, will definitely not look good on your wedding day. So, at least 8-10 hours per day we advise you to sleep.

12. Maintain The Glow

Many of us give up on our post-wedding beauty schedules. Here’s a question for you – why do you want to set a timeframe to look gorgeous? You don’t have to be in the treatment center as often, but you don’t have to stop completely either.

Everybody deserves a little ‘me-time,’ after all. To help you in the process of preserving the ‘new bride glow’, you can select easy home remedies.

So, these are 12 pre-wedding beauty tips for brides-to-be.

You will definitely feel beautiful inside and out if you follow these easy tips. You’re going to be looking and feeling like a million bucks. Our best advice will be to try to stay positive, because after all, how we feel inside is what reflects outside.

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