Power Pumping: How To Increase Your Milk Supply?

Power Pumping: How To Increase Your Milk Supply?
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Most moms are required to consistently feed their babies. During constant feeding, the breast is usually encouraged to produce large amounts of milk. All babies do not need to be continually fed. Not every lactating mother also has a high breast milk supply. Power pumping can in such cases become an alternative way of boosting dairy production.

What is Power Pumping?

Breast pump power pumping (also called cluster pumping) is an effective way to boost the low supply of breast milk for breastfeeding moms. This is to mimic a baby’s propensity towards cluster feeding in which he sticks on and off with the breast in an effort to obtain more milk that will give his body a message that more milk has to be produced.

Power pumping uses a breast pump to drain the breast with a quick pump that helps to increase artificial requirements. It is a way to make the infant mom’s body believe that more milk is needed. The body will signalize regular pumping to increase milk production.

Why Should Women Who Breastfeed Chose Power Pumping?

The ideal way to increase breast milk production can naturally be through a baby’s on-demand nursing. But often other factors such as a baby having latching issues or becoming disinterested in continuous breastfeeding may have a negative impact on demand from nursing, causing a dip in the supply of milk. Due to health concerns or work compulsions a breastfeeding mother may not be ready to feed her baby daily. Also, a baby may require more milk than usual during the growth spurts. Cluster pumping to increase the supply of milk may be a feasible option in such instances. Power pumping aims to increase milk supply by pumping the breast repeatedly.

How To Select A Breast PumpĀ 

For power-pumping, a dual electric pump may choose. The need can also be accomplished by a single breast pump but can not be as efficient as a double electric pump on time. A single pump will use twice as much time as possible to do the job that a nursing mom has to ignore the rest. Furthermore, a double pump can be chosen wisely as it can provide a greater stimulation that can make milk supply more efficient. Studies show that hormone prolactin that is an important factor in milking can be significantly increased by the double pump in nursing mothers.

Power Pumping: How To Increase Your Milk Supply?

When to Power Pump Breast Milk

  • The mom may want to sit comfortably first for power pumping a breast.
  • She will pump non-stop for 20 minutes, pump for 10 minutes again, rest for 10 minutes and then pump again for ten min before stopping.
  • You can select any cluster pumping schedule to increase supply that you find acceptable as 10 minutes of pumping with 10 minutes of rest or 12 minutes off with 8 minutes off on.
  • There is no need to be exact and can vary the total time used in power pumping.
  • A lactating mother might like to devote at least one hour to power-pumping for favorable results every day.
  • It can also be done for up to two times a day to get the most from it or until the supply of milk is adequate to satisfy the nursing needs of the baby.
  • The breast power pumping should also be performed according to the comfort of the mother.
  • Normally, a calm mind helps. The development of breast milk may be influenced by stress, anxiety, panic.
  • It also works very well when it matches a healthy diet with plenty of rest. Therefore, when a nursing mother is relaxing after food or the baby sleeps or is busy elsewhere, a good time for power pumping may be.
  • Evidence suggests that the amount of milk is usually greater in the morning. It continues to gradually decrease all day long.

When To Stop Power Pumping

The body can be different for each nursing mum. Some nursing moms may get better results in a matter of days (two or three days), while others may need to use long-term power-pumping (for a week or more) to increase supply. The length of a power pump depends primarily on the way the body responds.

Ways To Make Power Pumping Easier

  • Enable yourself to enjoy doing something while you power pump like listening to relaxing music, watching your favorite series, reading a book. You ‘re glad to achieve the best results.
  • Build a pumping station that has everything you may need for some time during a pumping session.
  • Choose a pleasant and comfortable place to relax completely, such as your bedroom or a cozy couch.
  • The use of a hands-free bra for these pumping sessions is a convenient choice.
  • Try and power pump when your baby sleeps. If he’s awake, ensure that you have support. It may not be a good idea to manage a baby and a power pump simultaneously.
  • Instead of using single pumping, you may want to double the pump for faster results. You save a lot of time as well.
  • Your power pumping time and schedule must be monitored to avoid overdoing them.
  • To maintain the milk supply, keeping a lot of water handy for proper hydration is vital.
  • You can also take the opportunity to eat a healthy snack like fruit, dry fruit, and even chocolate!
  • Try to avoid unnecessary anxiety or stress, because the excess strain can affect the production of oxytocin, the major cause of which is the drop in reflex or milk from the breast.

Power pumping can help to encourage the supply of milk. Nevertheless, the feeding of your baby to the power pump is not recommended. A child’s breast care is a better choice than a breast pump every day to make milk. In each case, consulting your doctor before using electric pumping is always advisable. You may already have ample breast milk for your infant, but may not be aware of it.

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