Postpartum Depression- Understand & Overcome

Postpartum Depression
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Postpartum Depression- Understand & Overcome

Pregnancy is the third stage in a woman’s life which brings the biggest change in her life and at the end, with the arrival of the newborn it also gives second birth to her.
And with all these, a woman unfortunately also welcomes one more term….. guess what????
Care ?… love?…. health?….. recovery …..? safety ?… it?…… Nope, these all feelings are there already as a human being but yes one more term or an issue which arrives that we call as “Postpartum Depression”.
In India, very few people are known to suffer from this as many of the parents and in-laws don’t believe in it. They may have already suffered from it but still, their minds are not ready to accept it as a real thing. This stops them from supporting the new mother for the same.

Let me clear “What is postpartum depression?

As per my experience and study, it’s an illness which can be treated medically and the person can recover in weeks or months.
It’s hard to recognize as it includes moodiness which can be considered as it’s happening because of baby blues.
Here are some of the symptoms:

1) Even after receiving the bundle of joy in your arms you feel sad, depressed, guilty and lack of excitement. You won’t feel happy with the things that made you happy earlier.

2) After delivery, there will be a lot of changes in your diet. While breastfeeding you should be aware of nutrition and what’s important in your diet and what you should avoid. But some of the mothers don’t feel like eating anything even if it’s their favorite food. If you’re suffering from this then you must consult a doctor.

3) Your newborn is adjusting to the timings of sleep which also disturbs your sleep. But at times you will face difficulty in sleeping even when your child is fast asleep. This can be because of postpartum depression.

4) Are you feeling like crying or shouting, nervous, stressed, frightened? All of this means you’re suffering from anxiety. And it’s the toughest part of postpartum depression.

5) This can be there because of hormonal and physical changes as well.

Now the question is how to judge?

How to judge whether these are baby blues or depression? So, always keep in mind that you can overcome baby blues in two weeks after baby arrives. But postpartum depression lasts for months depending upon how you treat it.

How to overcome this?

When all these symptoms are there and that too at a very intense level then you must consult a doctor or a counselor. It is normal to do so and must be accepted as any other consult. Because if you have a problem related to the heart, you will seek for a help from the cardiologist. Similarly, if you are facing a problem regarding your mental health you should go to the therapist. 

And there are some easy ways too which will help you to overcome this depression:

1) Seek help and support from your loved ones.
2) Share what’s there in your mind.
3) Pamper yourself, try to do meditation, try some simple exercise, try to get enough sleep, try to get sunshine.
4) Have enough meals and proper nutritious food.
5) Try to create a bond with your new-born. Try to feel it.

Becoming a mother isn’t a task. But the fruit which you will get after lots of care and love and happiness will be so sweet.

Don’t let your amazing life get affected by your stress and depression. It’s time when someone’s childhood is ongoing, give them that positive vibe and shine. Let’s be rocking mommies.


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