Know Sania Mirza’s Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Journey

How Sania Mirza Loss Weight Post-Pregnancy?
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The culture is putting unnecessary pressure on women to look some way. Even during and after pregnancy, women (especially celebrities) are under enormous pressure to keep themselves in shape while gaining weight is quite normal. In reality, celebrities are often subject to body-shaming when it comes to pregnancy-induced weight gain! Weight loss, though, does not occur immediately. To see a difference in your waistline, you need to make a lot of changes in your lifestyle. And, there was no difference in the battle of India’s ace tennis player Sania Mirza. This article is all about the transformation of Sania Mirza’s loss weight post-pregnancy.

Sania Mirza’s Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Journey

Sania Mirza continues to update her followers via social media with the latest events in her life. She shared some tidbits on Instagram from her weight-loss post-pregnancy journey. Sania gained 23 kg during her pregnancy and managed to lose 26 kg in just 4 months! She attributed a lot of hard work, discipline and determination with her weight loss. She posted her workout’s throwback video at the gym and shared in the caption how she lost her post-pregnancy weight after her son Izhaan was born. Let’s have a look at her post-pregnancy weight loss journey

Sania Mirza is the biggest Women Sports Icon in India. The tennis champion has also achieved the number one ranking in the doubles for women. The winner of six grand slams is 32 years old, has a son, but this doesn’t stop her from being passionate about the sport.

Sania Mirza’s Diet Plan follows to remain athletic:

  • Depending on whether she is playing or not, Sania changes her diet. She needs more energy when playing, so her diet is made up of a lot of carbohydrates.
  • She usually eats a bland pasta before a match to get her carbs.
  • Carbohydrates are the most important for tennis because during matches one needs energy and strength to run.
  • She brings down the carbohydrates if she doesn’t compete in any competition and focuses more on proteins and vitamins.
  • Also, she loves the Hyderabadi flavors of meat with spices applied to perfection as a Hyderabadi herself. She still keeps a tab on her calories, though. It also fulfills the quota of its protein.
  • If she wants to keep her food light the champion takes dal and rice.
  • Most of the time, she sticks to healthy and natural nutrition, but does not compromise on her taste buds.
  • She sometimes enjoys a piece of cake or a larger piece of biryani. However, she increases her work the next day from 20 to 30 minutes extra to reduce those extra calories.

Sania Mirza does not believe in starving or avoiding desires for food, but instead works off the extra calories whenever she gives in to her cravings for food. “Her motto for fitness is to stop junk food and keep it as natural as possible.”

For the sensation of tennis, processed food and junk are off the radar. Sania has also adopted a gluten-free diet over the past couple of years. She eats gluten-free pasta, rice, and chicken, and completely avoids flour and wheat.

Sania Mirza’s Workout Routine

When she was pregnant, Sania weighed about 89 kilograms. She started working 15 days after delivery, and five months later, she weighed about 67 kilograms. Inspiring, right? A big secret? She lost on her own all that extra weight!

Also, Sania is a good example for all mothers who want to lose weight. She shares with the hashtag #mamahustles all her workout routine. She said when asked about the same, “The reason I put’ hashtag mummahustles’ on my social media stories is to prove you can still be fit as a mother and you can still live a certain life. It doesn’t mean that your life is over because you’ve become a mother, your life just started.

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Sania made it a point for her entire pregnancy to remain active. Working out doing prenatal yoga helped her stay in shape and not become completely unhealthy.

Sania has her hands full as a new mom, but she manages to spend at least four hours in the gym without fail! Sania is doing about 100 minutes of exercise, an hour of kickboxing and doing Pilates as well. She puts a lot of hard work in, safe to say, and encourages herself to lose weight in a good and fast way.

She begins her workout with a little warm-up, a combination of a lot of core exercises, followed by 20 to 25 minutes of running, strength and speed practice. She also does heavy endurance training and Plyometrics often–a form of heavy jumping designed to build strength.

Sania shared that when she was 12 years old, she used to exercise for 6 hours a day, which is now down to 4-4.5 hours. Mirza also makes sure she has at least eight hours of sleep.

Sania has done something that most of us can’t even think of because of her ambition and passion for fitness. She returned to the intensive workout routine soon after her son’s birth to get fit.

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