Plus Size Fashion And Styling Tips For Women

plus size fashion and styling tips
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Being overweight doesn’t mean that you can’t look good, there are many plus size people that dress pretty well. Curves are hot, but you need to make sure you look good in them. You want to look curvalicious not frumpy. Plus-size fashion includes avoiding anything that makes you look bulky and rather focus on smoothing out your lumps and bumps. You don’t have to hide them but look the best and so there are certain things you should keep in mind while choosing your fashion and wardrobe. From knowing your correct measurements’ proportions and silhouette; also the right inspirations, here are some tips for you to make your plus size dressing and styling easy to go and will help you look gorgeous.

Know your body well 

A woman should know her body well; different women have different body types and sizes you should choose the clothes that would help you look good and flatter your silhouette. Women with heavy upper body that have apple-shaped or pear-shaped body should wear something that would balance both the upper torso and lower body, we have seen many celebrities have stylist who has their body proportion and then accordingly style them, furthermore not only a plus size but every woman should know her body well in terms of size and in case you fall under plus size this is a must so that you can balance a look good in whatever outfit you wear  and definitely style well without  the help of any stylist.

Right inspiration is a must

Plus size women should not choose their clothes looking at the skinny models or celebrities; they should look for inspirations from plus size celebrities and have a positive fashion and style, not every trend or style is meant for you .you might look better in some other style and therefore choose your fashion ideal wisely, in our country we have many examples of celebrities who carry a great sense of plus size fashion from Vidya Balan , Sona Mohapatra to Huma Qureshi, they are very good example  of plus-size and can really inspire anyone from their bold and beautiful look that they carry so fiercely, likewise the comedy queen Bharti Singh is also a great inspiration for all those plus size women who think they can’t because  if they can anyone can wear whatever they want just be confident and the world is yours.

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Know how to use colors and prints to look better 

You should know what colors suits you but to look your best you can try dark colors that will help you deemphasize all the areas you don’t want to show, you might have heard that black makes you look slimmer, not black but every dark color and solid silhouette will make you look slimmer. Avoid wearing lighter shades that would highlight heavy parts of the body.
likewise prints also make or take away the look  women need to choose prints wisely  plus size or overweight women should always wear small prints, polka dots, etc , big prints on your dress would make you look more fuller that you don’t really want , so try and focus on small prints horizontal or vertical stripes also work good.

Accessories well

Accessories are a very important part of fashion a plus size women should wear statement jewelry oversize handbags and trendy shoes are very important to try and wear pointed shoes that give a chic look. Chunky jewelry and oversized bags are good options and also make the look complete, often can carry scarves and pop some colors with solid tops or tunics. Beautiful accessories make your wardrobe versatile. You can get inspired from our celebrities like Vidya Balan who keeps her style simple by wearing solids and a good amount jewellery to create balance ,by  wearing jewelry you can hight the strength and hide your flaws  by taking attention away from your weight, wear neckpieces and chokers with your outfit it can make you look effortlessly stylish.

Build a strong wardrobe 

Firstly know the basics of how to hide areas of your body the color, cut and pattern play a very important role, wear fitted clothes and not loose for the lower body avoid wearing flared pants instead wear skinny pieces of denim. Always try and wear the right size of undergarments which also are very important because underclothes are the foundation of your look. Additionally, your wardrobe should have monochromes and solid colors, a monochromatic dress with linear length is just do wonders just make sure you choose the right color that compliments you well also you can always have a classic LBD (little/long black dress) that is always in trend and looks amazing.

Be a clever shopper 

You should have in mind what you want to wear and be confident. Shopping might be frustrating but after you buy the right clothes everything would look good. One thing to remember is, do not stick to one size or silhouette. You should often take a risk and try new colors and small prints. Stop paying attention to size tags and focus on clothes that fit you perfectly. Also, you can get an outfit from a tailored shop. Where you can select style and fit would also be good as the dress would be a custom made only according to your size shape and as per your demands.

Brands in India that cater plus size fashion 

1- Fab Alley curve
2- Alto Moda by Pantaloons
3- Pluss
4- ASOS Curve
5- Mango
6- Lastinch
7- Gia by Westside etc…

What and what not to wear 

Remember dark colors hide and light colors enhance or highlight the shape of the body that doesn’t mean you cannot wear them, it is just the right  amount of balance you need to look good in every color  shapes or pattern and so,  here we have some tips you can follow on what to avoid and what to choose.

What to Buy

Do invest in good quality of shape wears and inner garments.
Layer your clothes that will make you look good and create an illusion.
Keeping a correct body posture is very important that will not make you look bulky or overweight.
Do dress for your body shape, not your size.
Do turn to your fashion ideal for more inspiration.
Well, balanced proportions can make you look trimmer.

What not to wear 

  • Do not wear loose to look great, that might be comfortable but you look bulkier.
  • Don’t wear big prints and patterns that would make you look more than your actual size.
  • Try not to wear leggings as pants and keep away from low rise jeans.
  • Don’t wear flared denim that will make you look more fuller and will not be a balanced outfit.
  • Do not follow anyone else’s fashion. You are different and your style should also be different from others (you might follow celebrities for inspiration ).

Forget the notion of what plus-size was and embrace what is today embrace your curves. Remember confidence is the key ingredient to fabulous style. All body types, shapes, and sizes are beautiful if the women are positive and confident. And when life gives you curves you should flaunt them, be beautiful

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