Places To Visit In Madhya Pradesh: The Heart Of India

Places To Visit In Madhya Pradesh: The Heart Of India
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The well-known ‘ heart of India ‘ may be the country’s largest and most diverse state, but it does not yet receive the love it deserves. The massive state is a beautiful assortment of wildlife, history, religion, and natural beauty, yet it is not top of our wish list. We will give you 8 places to visit in Madhya Pradesh and explore the heart of India.

Places To Visit In Madhya Pradesh:

1.  Hammam of Nawabs in Bhopal:

A Turkish bath or hammam was an important component of bathing in the Islamic community. The first hammam can be traced back to Istanbul in the 15th century, where skilled masseuses were able to breathe life into the oldest bodies.

India’s only surviving hammam is situated in Bhopal City. This 300-year-old hammam was constructed during the Gonds period in the 1700s. The region was given by the Nawabs to Hajjam Hammu Khalida after the Mughals took over.

Places To Visit In Madhya Pradesh:
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2. Tropic of Cancer in the ancient city of Ujjain:

The Tropic of Cancer is an imaginary line that is the north most latitude circle on the earth. At its peak, the sun is appearing on its head directly at its peak.

In India, the tropic of cancer is passing through Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and West Bengal states. Ancient Indian astrologers have long claimed that the line separating the northern portion of the equator passes through the ancient town of Ujjain. The Tropic of Cancer point is labeled by the government of Madhya Pradesh and can be readily identified.

Why Madhya Pradesh Should Be In Your Bucket List
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3. Explore Mandu:

Madhya Pradesh’s Malwa region was part of a war tug between the Mughals, Persians, and Marathas. Mandu City still remains an architectural gem, although it confronted a lot of destruction.

Mandu is a town strategically situated and has been a major military outpost. This can be gaged through the city’s lengthy 37-km-wall. Many palaces, Jain temples, 14th-century structures and reservoirs (kunds) lies within these walls. Because all of Mandu’s sights are within 5 km or less, exploring on a bicycle is perfect.

Places To Visit In Madhya Pradesh: The Heart Of India
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4. Stone Age cave paintings: Bhimbetka:

As we know today, the Indian subcontinent was developed about ten million years ago. While India has been the cradle of civilization for millennia, the oldest human documents (and homo Erectus) have been traced back to 100,000 years ago.

Bhimbetka’s cave paintings show the start of the South Asian Stone Age. Bhimbetka is a UNESCO World Heritage site located inside the Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary. Some shelters are known to be inhabited about 100,000 years ago, while the paintings that give the dancing’s first performance date back to 30,000 years. For anyone interested in the history of civilization in India, Bhimbetka is a must.

Places to visit in madhya pradesh: the heart of india
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5. Pench National Park

Madhya Pradesh is more proud to preserve wildlife than any other state in the nation, particularly tigers. The state has more than five national parks, and one of them is Pench National Park.

Pench National Park, named after the forest-flowing Pench River, is situated in the districts of Seoni and Chhindwara. The tiger reserve is also renowned for providing in-house rafting adventures. There are some truly beautiful estates and treehouses that give lodging for a reasonable price in the Pench National Park.


Places To Visit In Madhya Pradesh: The Heart Of India
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6. Spiritual peace in Sanchi:

Ashoka’s most enduring legacy was the abandonment of dictatorial kingship for a Buddhist kingship model that included a more democratic and benevolent approach to individuals.

Sanchi Stupa is the oldest rock structure in India from the 3rd century BC. This brilliance, commissioned by Emperor Ashoka, is built over the Buddha’s relics himself. Around the initial Sanchi Stupa over the centuries, more kingdoms and Buddhist rule were built to add decorative gates and monasteries. The complex is now beautiful and spiritual to all who seek a peaceful retreat, while for Buddhists it is a significant pilgrimage.

Places To Visit In Madhya Pradesh: The Heart Of India
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7. Fables of Ramayana at Chitrakoot:

Ramayana’s epic is an inherent component of families in India. We’re growing up listening to Lord Ram’s fables, imagining them in a mythical place, but this time Ramayana’s amazing landscapes can be your next destination.

Chitrakoot occupies a very important place in Hindu mythology–fervently stated in the Ramayana and also in the poetry of Tulsidas and Kalidas. In Chitrakoot, you can visit many shrines and sacred structures because of its historical significance. The forest with Sita and Laxman is considered a resort of monkeys, excellent sages, bears and distinctive flora and fauna, where Lord Ram came in exile.

Places To Visit In Madhya Pradesh: The Heart Of India
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8. Temple tour in Maheshwar

Many holy towns have thrived on river banks. Where Varanasi was born to Ganga, Narmada lit Mahishmati’s fire.

In Hindu mythology and history, Maheswar is known as the Varanasi of Central India. Maheshwar was apparently liberated from the bonds of marriage by the God of Fire (Agni), which is mentioned in many sacred texts as’ Mahishmati.’ Mahishmati’s women in the Aryavarta were known to enjoy freedom unheard of. The city is, of course, home to many temples symbolizing its wealthy history and architecture. If you are interested in ancient Hindu architecture and mythology, you can take a long and exhaustive tour of temples in Maheshwar.

Places To Visit In Madhya Pradesh: The Heart Of India
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So, here are eight places to visit in Madhya Pradesh and why we think you ought to pack your bags in this exotic place.

If you love to do road trips, you’ll love to do road trips in Madhya Pradesh through its picturesque views of nature.

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