Pihu- Why It’s A Social Thriller

Pihu- Why It's A Social Thriller

Trailer of Pihu movie was out in somewhere in the end of October 2018 and after watching that I was so thrilled that I thought of never watching that movie ever. Being a mom you always have nightmares, every moment you are concerned about your kids’ well-being and safety. And this movie gives you internal thunders and shocks when you see this 2 year girl trapped in a house alone. Sometimes you see her playing around a burning Iron and sometimes she sits into the refrigerator. The trailer end when this girl climbs up the bars of balcony and leans down against it crossing the danger levels; there you decide to never watch this torturous movie ever. You immediately start hating such lousy parents.

Well even after having so much of fear in mind I watched this movie yesterday gathering all the courage I had and found that so many unsaid things are there in the movie which actually portrays the current picture of our modern society and that gave me more goose bumps !
Better to jot this down in points:
1. Home: In modern lifestyle we all prefer to live independently, we all love our spaces and everyone of us (of any age) is quite ‘non-adjusting’. Hence parenting has become more difficult. secondly we have small houses and several electrical appliances sometimes these technologies help but most of times being parent you sulk having them around your kids.
2. Society: We have become more ignorant about our surroundings, we hardly care about our neighbors and rarely see them. Being a social animal only on social media platforms doesn’t make you ‘Social’. We hardly open the doors or interact with people around us. Hence sometimes we don’t even actually know how many people live in our adjacent house.
3. Relations: Being Casual towards each other have become common these days in marriage or any relationship. People care for their ‘liberty’ more, than a ‘secured relationship’. Everything that starts with self-conceitedness takes forever to end.
4. Prioritization: Kids who do not understand world outside home (below 8 years commonly) absorbs almost all from the family vibes. An environment that we provide to them is going to be the nurturer of their ‘Future behavior’. Our Career or Parties or Dissension or Anything else needs to be secondary.
We being parent of Millennial kids are supposed to be more vigilant about ourselves, that what are we actually giving to our next generation and present society.
We can step into it by being little more associated to our culture and society this is what I realized after watching this movie because you and me are the one who make this society. A small change can really bring a lot in our lives.
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