My Painless Delivery

My Painless Delivery
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Can birth be a comfortable experience, even a painless one? The moment I found out that I was pregnant with our first child, this question came into my mind. Since the last two years of my life were filled with neurobiology, neuroscience, and quantum healing education and training, I knew the mind’s incredible power over the body. I knew that the way I experience reality is determined by my thoughts and perceptions. I knew that anything I really think is possible….

From the very beginning, we are programmed to believe that birth must be an agonizing experience.

We hear over and over from films to stories. All that has been done is this:

I think childbirth is painful because I expect that.

But Painless Delivery, No C – Section??? 

Yes, it happens. I enjoyed a lot of beautiful journey in the 9th months. I’m just waiting for the big day… time has gone through every routine check-up… everything is all right. Everyone around I told me about pain… and I don’t want to go through the C-section I want a normal delivery… Anyway, my deadline passed.. And I spoke with my dr. She told me that we can’t wait anymore and that we’re going to go through C-Section tomorrow morning. I was a little upset. I’ve been scared of pain for a few days, but now I want labor pain.

But I felt the contraction that midnight and it became more and more. But I felt the contraction that midnight and it became more and more. It was real pain or false pain I thought. I said to my mother and we decided to in the hospital for checkup… Can’t wait until tomorrow. Dr said yes, it’s real pain and your area of the cervix is 3 cm open, I was happy because I felt pain. And after more contractions, I went to the labor room and pain was coming, coming and seriously I was thinking, yes I’m blessed that pain was coming and I was thinking about my baby and positive thoughts at the time of pain. I was positive about it at the time of pain and thanked God for the pain. And in just four hours from home to hospital, at morning my little angel was born without epidural through the natural process. It’s all about positivity and the blessing of God, we can turn from pain to painless, happy normal delivery. Turn your mind in a positive direction at the time of labor and thank God for the pain. I’m sure you’re not going to worry about it but enjoy your labor…

Things are hardly ever going as planned, of course. It may not make all smooth sailing— I feel lucky that things turned out the way they did, and I know that they could very, very quickly have gone south. But knowing that you have the ability to remain mentally strong with inner peace can only help at the moment, even if they had it. 

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