How to Overcome Shyness In Literally Paralyze Situation

Overcome Shyness
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How to Overcome Shyness

I was the epitome of cowardly and shy when I was in high school. Also curled up when endangered. When I discovered I avoided answering questions. And whenever I walked through a girl I loved, my head was tied to the floor irreversibly.

Throughout my early life, almost everything I did was affected by shyness. So I understand the impact it can have, from keeping you from pursuing growth opportunities to turning you away from nearly every valuable opportunity to develop a human connection.

If this is you, you need to do something about it now before missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime chance due to the unwillingness to move outside your comfort area.

Shyness is a condition that gives rise to regrets and misses.

And if you think you’re a usually shy individual, it might seem hard or impossible to conquer.

However, the route to overcoming shyness is easy and transparent. Everyone can go from being scared of relationships to being comfortable about individuals with a little job.

But first of all, a little tough love…

The only way to confront your anxiety is

I understand what you think. You must be able to do something else. Maybe there’s a specific trick?

Unfortunately, if you’re serious about breaking free from the chains of fear with which shyness binds you, you need to be willing to face that fear.

There’s no video, website, book, class, or course from YouTube that gets rid of your shyness. There is no magic pill. The only way to solve shyness for good at the end of the day is to confront it.

But you are able to do that. ⠀I’m living proof.

How I surmounted my shyness

I joined the workforce shortly after graduating in what is rapidly becoming an unusual career: face-to-face sales

The easy part was the sit-downs. We were primarily responsible for acquiring customers, which, as you might imagine, we’re not exactly rushing for our services through our doors (no one in that industry ever does, you have to go to them).

That’s been the difficult part And that’s where my shyness and my fresh career clashed.

We acquired customers in any way you could think. Mostly cold calls, but also in-person prospecting, which until then was literally the hardest thing I’ve ever accomplished in my career. The amount of refusal I met within a couple of weeks was sufficient to complete a lifetime.

But there it didn’t end. We also had to knock on gates, one of the most unpleasant stuff I’ve ever undertaken to this day. In terms of anxiety, it has readily overcome both cold-calling and prospecting.

So, why do I say all this to you? Because something interesting happened over time as hard as it was: I wasn’t as shy anymore. In reality, almost completely my shyness had passed away.

It took time, but I can say with assurance that the impacts of that “practice” have been continuous since almost a century because I have never been the same since (in all the correct respects).

Exercise: Run into the fire

It’s now your turn.

Occasionally, it is totally paralytic to talk to a girl or a guy you like, to make a speech to others or whatever situation causes you to be extremely shy.

I am not asking you to do this, Do not worry! If you had already been pushed to do this, then shyness wouldn’t be a question, would it?

You have to do this:

  • Choose something unrelated that still forces you to move around other people outside your comfort area: You could pick something simple like starting a conversation with the store clerk every time you go to the grocery store, raising your hand in class, or visiting a few of your neighbors to introduce yourself if you recently moved.
  • Do it again, in a few days, several times: If possible, you need to maintain this feeling for an extended period of time.
  • Continue consistently to take similar steps: Do that, and it will stop affecting you as before. In this furnace, you will need to stay as long as you get accustomed to burning.

Struggling with shyness shouldn’t stop you from the achievement you’re looking for, so seek these easy tools and create them work for you — in reality, they’re excellent methods for trying whether you’re shy or not.

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