New Place New Me

Image Source - Pixabay

We aspire to all life changes, but then we remain unaware of the surprises, the gifts of life. But then, without these changes what is life?

Coming to a new place, have all new people, new turns, adjusting with all the unwanted stuff. But, side by side we learn from those silly, stupid experiences. Worst pain always happens to a mother, for the baby to come out. Worst should happen to us to know, how beautiful things could ever happen to us.

DELHI – It’s been over a month and a half since I’ve been here at Indore, everything has been different. It’s just like living my dream, frightened and petrified by the very idea of waking up from the dream; not wanting to end it. With its savory food-joints and charm of the old school, Delhi was the backdrop to many of the food-freaks and one of the best places to get your hands on the country’s rich heritage and culture. Accredited as the Paradise of Food Lovers, everyone wouldn’t swear by their food and corner shops.

With polite and well-bred people, the city is welcoming. Maybe I must have ended up in this paradise for the food lovers somehow, as my heart is here, and I’m also a foodie. It’s my destiny that lands at Delhi, as I live one and only in town. All things are made possible by God. But in fact, we are masters of our destiny and I tried to land where I should be.

It was a chance for me to pursue my dreams in following the secret of the desire of my heart. Detested by many but loved by more… I began my journey in a completely new city to live a completely different life. It was written that I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice’s, which turned into a fairy-tale.  We’re spinning our own yarn when it comes to life, and where we end up is really where we always wanted to be.

To fully enjoy it, you need to taste every aspect of life. Before rating it, you’ll have to taste a dish. You can’t just say without tasting it, this dish isn’t good. Life is a pleasure at times, hell at times. But, you know life is both, most of the time. So when nothing happens in life exactly as planned, why not relax and enjoy the surprises it offers.

Don’t waste your time just having a great time, none of you ever saw tomorrow.’ It’s a general lesson from almost everybody around you. But ask them, why not enjoy my last day if today is my final day? Yeah, you certainly have something or something in life to achieve. But you ought to give life a meaning. You are something in your life but please be someone who, even after dying, will be remembered and at least bring a smile to all of your relatives!

Some things are meant to be… it just takes us a few attempts to get there and the new girl was warmly welcomed into the new city every day witnessing new experiences and struggling with new challenges with the hope that this fairy-tale will never end. Follow the desire of my heart and live my life, pursue my dreams and build a future with the man with whom I want to have a future.