National Nutrition Week 2020: Importance & History

National Nutrition Week 2020: Importance & History
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Every year from 1 September to 7 September, National Nutrition Week is observed to encourage us to be mindful of the value of nutrition for the human body and the well-being of one’s health with appropriate steps to address hunger and malnutrition. National Nutrition Week typically looks forward to improving the human body’s healthy diet. Read all about National Nutrition Week and learn all about it.

National Nutrition Week 2020 

National Nutrition Week is held every year from 1 September to 7 September. It is being organized to raise an understanding of the foods and diets required to be eaten by the human body. It underlines the importance and role of the best foods for the human body. National Nutrition Week (NNW) is an annual nutrition event coordinated by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Ministry of Women and Child Welfare, Government of India. There are crowds of people in India today who are undernourished and need a proper diet for their healthy body development. The Government has organised a variety of seminars, as well as camps, to provide quality education to every child and citizen of India.

History of National Nutrition Week

In March 1973, the National Nutrition Week was instigated to increased consciousness among people of the value and needs of nutrition education by the founders of the American Dietetic Association (now the Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics). Back in those days, the National Nutrition Week was neither popularly accepted by the public nor granted importance to those campaigns. In the coming years, though, we have seen some shifts, and according to a poll, the population displayed a great response in 1980, resulting in an improvement in countries around the world. The Central Government of India eventually agreed, in 1982, to create this campaign and recognize the National Nutrition Week as a week-long celebration.

Importance of National Nutrition Week

The national nutrition week will take place in a country like India, where people are least worried about malnutrition and unsuitable dieting, which affects their simple lives. Following the establishment of people beyond the poverty line, many NGOs are partnerships to help improve the campaign. The purpose of NNW is to process food intake for development, metabolism, and repair. Two types of nutrients are needed in our body-macronutrients and micronutrients. The campaign is apprehensive and offers us good diet awareness.

Our food preparation has never been our issue, but the effort to set up this program has encouraged the crowd to take measures against their ill lifestyle and improve the state of their eating chart for a healthy way of life.

Importance of Good Nutrients are:

  • Gives us the resources needed to maintain our lifestyle.
  • Keeps our body-safe.
  • Keeps the system immune.
  • Relays Aging influence.
  • Reduces the chance of contracting chronic diseases.
  • A good diet improves your life span.

National Nutrition Week 2020: Importance & History

Ways To Celebrate National Nutrition Week

Most of us do not take into account the effect of unhealthy and non-nutritive food on our health, and it is very apparent from this everyday lifestyle routine that taking a break from working life is incontrovertible. So putting aside these considerations, we could all come together on this day, and based on our ability, we could contribute a few food grains or crops to people in need nearby. Individuals linked to NGOs will only carry this activity to a certain level. We should do ourselves a favor and replace our unhealthy food supply with vegetables, fruits, and tasty snacks that are readily available on any market. To mark this day in a special way, what we should do is take an oath with our family and friends to take a healthier lifestyle, share pictures with hashtags to inspire the people out there.

National Nutrition Week 2020: Importance & History

What is Malnutrition?

Malnutrition is a clinical condition of unbalanced nutrition. It may be due to undernutrition or overnutrition. Do you know that undernutrition can be caused by a lack of calories, proteins, or other nutrients? Overnutrition, on the other hand, absorbs so many calories. Someone consumes more calories than their body requires, due to a malnourished state. They do not consume healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, etc., which can lead to vitamin, mineral, or protein deficiency.

Malnutrition can lead to slumped growth, slowed development, and increased disease due to poor immune function, especially in young children. Malnutrition is critical to be detected promptly.

We may also conclude that a nutritious diet plays a vital role in healthy living and that it is really important to have the right knowledge about nutrition. Thus, National Nutrition Week is celebrated from 1 to 7 September every year to make people conscious of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet.

National Nutrition Week 2020: Importance & History

Facts about National Nutrition Week

  • The Food and Nutrition Board handpicks a theme for the national nutrition week each year across its 43 Neighborhood Food and Nutrition Extension Units based in all the country’s four regions.
  • The number of anemic children (6-59 months) has fallen from 69.4 percent to 58.6 percent.
  • In an effort to make India free from malnutrition by 2022, Narendra Modi began POSHAN Abhiyan from Jhunjhunu, in Rajasthan on 8 March 2018.
  • According to the report, just 21 days will be enough to change your unhealthy habits and transform you into a better version.

Many Milestones yet to be Achieved

While India’s malnutrition crisis has been significantly minimized, there are some milestones yet to be accomplished. There are many individuals and even many families who have no knowledge about good nutrition and diet, and this group belongs mainly among the rural community. We also have to teach them what good food is, and why it matters to us.

It will also help people select what they should be consuming and what quantity every day. Knowing is the most valuable to us, and then communicating with others the same knowledge. Because of malnutrition, there are still enough cases of child and maternal mortality to make the problem serious for the country.

We may also inform you about projects that the Indian Government has initiated to provide the population with healthy food. It will make them live a safe life.

National Nutrition Week is a positive opportunity to increase awareness about food and fitness. Food is a very important part of life, but it can be like trash to eat non-nutritious food and kill well-being. We should pledge to follow a healthy diet in our habit on this National Wellness Week. It also educates others about their benefits so that they can also improve their health.

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