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I am an enthusiastic soul, passionate writer and love to share my parenting experiences with all the fellow community here.
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Pihu- Why It's A Social Thriller
4 years ago 1 Comment

Trailer of Pihu movie was out in somewhere in the end of October 2018 and after watching that I was so thrilled that I thought of never watching that movie ever. Being a mom you always have nightmares, every moment you are concerned about your kids’ well-being and safety. And this movie gives you internal thunders […]

Treat Your Brain with True Desserts – Happy Hour Therapy !
5 years ago no Comment

India has 15 Crore Migraine patients. 1 in 20 people is depressed. Being a part of smart, digital and fast world, we are slowly loosing on our own health. We are stressed, tensed and anxious all day, mobiles and laptops are always more around us then humans. And hence we are lacking “actual happy hours” […]

image source: pixabay
5 years ago 1 Comment

पहले एक elite कहा जाने वाला group बड़े बड़े washrooms बनवाया करता था और उन washrooms में छोटी library हुआ करती थी newspaper आते साथ ही रामु काका उसे washroom में रख आते थे, क्यूकि साहब का प्रेशर ताज़ा खबरें पढ़ कर ही बनता था. लोटा पार्टी वाले भी स्पेशल प्रकार की घांस खींच खींच […]

How Can A Woman Become A Biggest Support to Other Women !
5 years ago 1 Comment

When A Woman Opposes another unnecessarily then they all loose a big. A lose is in terms of Strength, Trust, Togetherness. Have you ever seen a man bitching about other specially his friend or family? I haven’t seen any. It is said that when men gather they discuss either cricket or politics or woman (you […]

How to Keep Your Child Happy During Summers
5 years ago no Comment

Summers are approaching, these hot days make infants (who are above 6 months of age) cranky and the worst part is that they are unable to express and we sometimes fail to understand their little little problems. Here are some tips that can keep the child cool in such hot summers. Keep them Hydrated: Water itself […]

How to build baby’s immunity Strong?
5 years ago no Comment

A happy and healthy baby makes a parent tension free. There is nothing better than avoiding medications or boosting immunity naturally. 8 Keys points to pocket Nutrition : A complete and balanced diet which include all type of seasonal fruits and vegetables can work amazingly on child’s Immunity. Inclusion of all colors viz yellow-red fruits, green-yellow-purple veggies etc; all type and […]

India – A Science Hub Since Centuries !
5 years ago no Comment

India was always been full of diversity. Starting from the Veda kaal till the day we started calling our Ideology as mythology and till today, one thing I have realized which is in common is that “the one who really thrive on Hinduism must persuade logic & science“. From the very beginning, or consider the […]

5 Things Not To Avoid During Pregnancy
5 years ago no Comment

Sometimes we are so casual towards our health during pregnancy and sometimes too conscious. Being extra conscious on one hand can make you worrisome always and the tensed mind can not make good decisions, while on the other hand excessive casual mind can become dangerous to both your and your baby’s health. Hence here […]

Promotions of Contraceptives
5 years ago 1 Comment

Govt say no condoms ad from 6 AM till 10 PM on televisions, on the other hand a report confirms that approximately 1.6 crore abortions are done in India in an Year. Figure submitted to the govt is not surprising, raise your brows to the figure 81% of 1.6 Crore viz around 13 million abortions […]

Fight Smog !
5 years ago no Comment

Classic smog results from large amounts of coal burning in an area and is caused by a mixture of smoke and sulfur dioxide. Ground-level ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide carbon monoxide are especially harmful for senior citizens, children, and people with heart and lung conditions such as emphysema, bronchitis, and asthma. It can inflame breathing […]

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