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Momababyetc provides a wide platform for parents to come and share their queries and experiences. Every parent experiences different things while raising a child. We are building a community where you will feel connected and it will help you make better choices. You can ask doubts related to almost everything and we will make sure you are answered with utmost accuracy.
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Hello Friends.. We are here with a whole new concept ..its #PassTheKarchi Challenge. Share this with your friends and have fun. Most Liked videos with this hashtag will be featured on our website.  

4 years ago 1 Comment

This Women’s Day, express your gratitude to the people around you, who make you more empowered, more confident and a better human being ! Women’s Day is all about honoring women but not in the way that demean the other gender. We make a family, a society and this whole world together, more we are […]

4 years ago 1 Comment

Coconut water is a wonder Fruit without a doubt !! Parenting is not the easiest task, and you tend to prefer easy and natural alternatives for your kids that has minimum or no side effects. Coconut is that one thing which has wonderful health benefits and can be easily given to the children. Here we […]

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She is the Ruler of Beauty Kingdom ! Every time she comes up on a platform it immediately turns into a¬†Grandeur. She Carries her own style with confidence, her motherhood seems to be her top priority and she find it convenient to manage work and family in parallel route, quite unconventionally. Her style of being […]

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A smart and independent girl who become a kid every time when she is with her love. After almost a decade of relationship the only thing that was never fading was their friendship, they both tied the knot few years back and now are the proud parents of two boys. Still you can sense the […]

Ekta Kapoor Is the New Mom Of The Town
4 years ago no Comment

Single parenting is trending these days in B-town. Sushmita Sen took a bold step and started this very long back by adopting girls with a planning of raising them all alone. However Karan Johar and Tusshar Kapoor moved a step ahead and used surrogacy as an option to become a Parent ! Following her brother’s […]

Eat Your Fats Perfectly
4 years ago no Comment

Dietary fat is the macro-nutrients which are essential for continuous energy and makes you go all day so reliably. There is nothing to be feared about Fats if they are of High Quality and optimal (20-25%). Healthy Fat is good for development hence you must know what should be included in your diet to get […]

Taimur's Bday Vacation
4 years ago no Comment

The most celebrated kid of the Industry is Turning 2 tomorrow and hence Pataudi family is on vacay mode at Cape town. As we all wait for this munchkin’s picture here we got few straight from the Cape town. Give a look quickly ..Thank us later !

Beauty Tips for Moms
4 years ago 1 Comment

Yes ! You are doing a job where you hardly get a minute for yourself. Being mom is tough but that doesn’t mean you need to be rough on yourself. Follow these simple tips and shine like always. We have quick, simple and easy tips for you because it is really important to care for […]

4 years ago 1 Comment

  Make someone smile every hour and you will never live in grey. We all in our societies, families and work places are inter-dependent on each other, some or the other way. Sometimes we appreciate it and sometimes we don’t even realize it. But to yourself realize this and to make someone else realize that […]

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