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Benefits of Aloe-Vera for skin and hair
2 years ago no Comment

Aloe-Vera is a cactus-like plant known for its healing and medicinal properties and holds an important place in Ayurveda. It is not at all a stranger to the skincare world. Only a few decades ago, we got to know about it and its brilliant properties. It is not only good for skin health but also […]

Cool And Healthy Recipes For Summers
2 years ago no Comment

Summers are almost round the corner and we do prepare our-self for this hot and humid season. Stepping into the kitchen in hot summer days is such a task. There are times when we end up eating a lot of hot and spicy foods during summers that might result in rising internal heat of our […]

2 years ago no Comment

As an individual, we do a lot of different activities and things with our hands daily. If your hands are dry, you would surely know how uncomfortable they can be. Dry hands could be caused by various factors. Daily life can result in rough and chapped hands. Soaps and other cleaning products we use can […]

Body Polishing At Home And Its Benefit
2 years ago no Comment

Just like your face, your body needs some pampering. Because the skin sheds dead cells that need to be cleared. Otherwise, they accumulate on the surface, making it rough, dry, and patchy, clogged pores. Giving you not-so-wonderful feeling when you run your fingers all over it. Your skin is your largest organ and the way […]

DIY Face Packs For Glowing Skin
2 years ago no Comment

As they say old is gold, especially when it comes to taking care of your skin and hair, “Gharelu Nuskhe” from our mothers and grandmothers are the best and effective. They had the perfect solutions for all your beauty. Going for a facial every time you feel your face needs treatment will not only cost […]

2 years ago no Comment

Summer is almost here, and we want to feel refreshing and hydrated at the same time. Dehydration is one of the most common problems that people face during the summers and the only way to combat that is to make sure you consume enough fluids before heading out for the day. Sharbat is a great […]

use makeup primer correctly
2 years ago no Comment

A great base is the beginning of any great makeup look, whether you are rocking a full face or just a few dabs of concealer. While a great skincare regimen can do wonders, making sure your makeup lasts throughout the day. If you have spent a good time doing your makeup and finding it smudged […]

home remedies for open pores.
2 years ago no Comment

Open pores are pit-like pores on the face, that accumulates dirt and become clogged. A clogged pore may lead to pimples or acne on the face. Open pores make you look dull and more than your age, people with oily skin are prone to this problem. The skin loses its elasticity as you age grows, […]

Simple Beauty Tips For Teenage Girls
2 years ago no Comment

Teenage life is exciting, it is that age (from 13 to 19) where you rediscover yourself. Teenage is already difficult enough, that you don’t have the time to also be worrying about skin and beauty routine. It is a stage in which you are pretty conscious about your appearance.  Looking beautiful is one of the […]

Super Cute Dresses For Valentines Day
2 years ago no Comment

Valentine’s Day is recognized in many regions around the world as an important cultural and commercial celebration of romantic love. Anyone who does not live under a rock is aware of this especially known day. It’s not new to any youth, particularly in our country. Finding a perfect dress for this beautiful occasion is another […]

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