8 Must-Read Books for the Dad-to-be

8 Must-Read Books for the Dad-to-be
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Pregnancy will forever change your thinking; it will make you understand how precious and vital life is, and why it needs to be preserved at all costs. It can be overwhelming and at the same time nervous to discover that you’re going to be a dad. You want to be a part of pregnancy, and as much as you can support your spouse. It can be difficult to get tips from the internet, and suggestions from colleagues. Luckily there are plenty of baby books available for dads to help you through pregnancy, childbirth, and initial parenting days. Scroll down for the must-read books for the dad-to-be.

Things a Father Can Do

Fathers don’t need to do too much to be involved in caring. Fathers doing little things to take care of the child are sufficient for the child and for the child to develop, and also to ensure that the mother feels well supported. Something that aids a mother in changing a child’s diapers or playing with or looking at him will help ensure that a father is an involved participant.

8 Must-Read Books for the Dad-to-be

Must-Read Books for the Dad-to-be

Here are the must-read books for the dad-to-be during pregnancy. It walks you through pregnancy for 40 weeks. Learn everything from mood-swings management to room delivery protocols and swapping nappies to cuddling an infant.

Once you know that you will become a dad, you are full of anticipation, worry and fear. You must prepare to take on the role of dad by reading these books.

1.Daddy: The Birth of a Father—Tuhin Sinha

The days are gone when it was only the mother’s work to watch a baby. Indian men today break the stereotype of gender and really face the challenges of paternity and always love it. This book is designed for the new age daddy who wants to participate just as much in his newborn life and who isn’t tired of getting down on his precious pack of joy with his dirty pains and the evening vigils. The book gives a rare and refreshing insight into the concerns, difficulties, landmarks, trials, and rewards of fatherhood with first-person accounts. The book also explores how a baby’s coming changes the nature of the relationship of a couple.

8 Must-Read Books for the Dad-to-be

2. Don’t Just Stand There- Elissa Stein and Jon Lichtenstein

If you want to be in the delivery room, at the sight of childbirth you don’t have to do faint. Get tips from packing hospital bags to packing them and don’t in the labor room. This explains the mom-to-be state of mind and provides guidance on getting her to navigate this process in a light-hearted manner. “She will curse you like a sailor, for instance. This could really make you laugh under normal circumstances. Don’t laugh right now.

8 Must-Read Books for the Dad-to-be

3.  The Little Big Book for Dads—Eds. Lena Tabori  and H Clark Wakabayashi 

In addition to the best-selling book, ‘The Little Big Book for Moms,’ this book is a warm, wholesome, fuzzy collection of tales, poems, rhymes, memories, recipes and even soon-to-be dad’s activities. Featuring authors as diverse as Bill Cosby, Dr. Seuss, Ogden Nash, and Shel Silverstein, the book also includes illustrations by Jessie Wilcox Smith and Kate Greenway. To a new parent, this book is a beautiful reading experience.

8 Must-Read Books for the Dad-to-be

4. Your Pregnancy for the Father-to-Be – Glade B Curtis and Judith Schuler

The moment a man realizes his identity as a father is one of the most important for him. This book explores all pregnancy stages seen from the viewpoint of the future dad. This discusses the most critical issues for the future parent, for whom the time is as emotional, exciting, and anxious for the mother. This book illustrates some of the normal terminology of pregnancy and prenatal care and what the future father should expect at any point in pregnancy. This also deals with important subjects such as the emotional turmoil of fatherhood, relationships with the wife, and how to provide comfort during this period.

8 Must-Read Books for the Dad-to-be

5. New Dad’s Survival Guide—Scott Mactavish

Caution on winds and brace, here’s a guide for fathers who are absolutely caught (no pun intended)!!! A guide in the military-style is one step by one through the terrible, frustrating, and extremely volatile pregnancy cycle. The book cuts to the chasing without going into a complex and utterly disconcerting medical stroke and hilariously approaches just what a man should fear at the pregnancy stage. The book includes a variety of chapters of rib-tickling, apart from hundreds of critical words. In short, it has everything around new dads in loops! The book has everything!

8 Must-Read Books for the Dad-to-be

6. .Checklists for the New Dad: The Expectant Father’s Guide to Pregnancy, Delivery, and Baby’s First Year—Joe Deyo

The book is intended for the hands-on father who needs a true game plan. This book also offers some simple and helpful tips at the end of each chapter as well as all-important details on how pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum treatment occur. The book also shows you the exact position of the father on each stage and how you can look like a pro and a floor by standing in front of the curve. Learn how you can prepare a new baby’s nursery, head, and wallet!

8 Must-Read Books for the Dad-to-be

7. The Birth Partner

This book deals in-depth with every childbirth scenario. Know what to expect in the workplace, from prevention to conception, procedures, C-sections, breastfeeding, and caring for newborns. You could hear in the delivery room of medical jargon. Many illustrations and charts that are easy to understand cover the medical aspects of conception.

8 Must-Read Books for the Dad-to-be

8. Your Pregnancy – for Father to be – Glade B. Curtis, M.D., M.P.H., and Judith Schuler, M.S.

The authors of these books are specialists in their respective fields, and the national best-selling book covers all aspects of childbirth and more to their father. An insight into your partner’s understanding and support through 40 weeks and beyond. Information on the changes that can be anticipated in all facets of your life, readiness for children, childbirth, lifestyle changes, the effect on your relationship, binding to your baby, and more. It directs the waiting dad to fly home and care for the baby every trimester of pregnancy, work, and treatment. Support your partner deal with post-partum depression and make your life easier with a new child.

8 Must-Read Books for the Dad-to-be

So, these are 8 must-read books for the dad-to-be.

Dad’s play an important role in child development. Earlier the role of a father is to serve as breadwinner, give moral and religious education to the children. But now this idea takes a dramatic change in recent times. 

Fatherhood is the backdrop to a journey filled with happiness, trial, and surprise. Getting interested in your baby’s early days can be an incredible experience for you and your family.

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