Know What Is Middle Child Syndrome

know what is middle child syndrome
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Middle Child Syndrome’ is a psychological disorder. It is said to occur in kids born before and after another child, i.e. in middle. Their feelings of emptiness, unworthiness, lack of adequacy, jealousy are often negative and their lack of self-esteem and extreme isolation from the outside world characterize them. In some cases, if left untreated, these things might even lead to a psychotic behavior of the child later life.

What Is Middle Child Syndrome?

It is a psychological disorder in which a kid, who is the middle one between two children, feels left out. The behavior of the middle kid towards their parents becomes negative. They feel pangs of jealousy and inadequacy, low self-esteem and becomes an introvert.

Are all Middle Children suffering from this Syndrome?

The existence of this syndrome is a subject for discussion. It has been noted that not all middle kids acquire these characteristics or symptoms. However, this may be due to variations in parenting methods, which will differ from family to family. If the parents are cautious not to act differently with each of their kids and not to allow any kid to feel neglected, the middle kid may not develop any such psychological issues. Some kids may also be mature enough to better handle differences and not allow any negativity to penetrate.


Middle Child Syndrome Symptoms

  • Low self-esteem
  • Unsocial Behaviour
  • Feel Unworthy
  • Frustrated
  • Exhibit attentive behavior
  • Develop trust issue
  • See their siblings as rivals


Middle Child Syndrome’s Possible Triggers

We can not say that without any rhyme or reason a child harbors negative feelings or thoughts. You will always find a reason if you delve deeper. Therefore, it can help to get to the root cause of the problem. Some of the middle child syndrome triggers are:

1. Crisis of identities:

This is a major reason for the middle child syndrome. The middle kid tends to be confused about where it fits in and what’s anticipated from it. They never had the chance to be the’ only kid’ like their older sibling, or they had much less time to be the’ baby’ of the house. They may have the impression that the eldest gets more privileges and more adulation for achievement, while their younger sibling receives more attention. It may leave them in a state of perplexity to feel unimportant, unseen and unheard. Squeezing themselves between their parents ‘ seemingly-favorites, they may suffer silently.

2. No Support System:

A middle kid may feel neglected and lonely because they may not have to turn to a specific individual. This feeling of lack of support might make them feel lonely and could cause them to sink into depression.

Prevention Of  Middle Child Syndrome

Parents with three children (particularly of the same sex) must follow certain guidelines while raising them. Some tips you can follow to avoid your kid from creating this syndrome.

1. Awareness of Middle Child Syndrome:

In order to guarantee that your kid does not develop the syndrome, it is essential that you know about it in the first place! If you see your middle kid showing signs and symptoms of Middle Child Syndrome, recognize it and work towards coping with it in time.

2. Give Attention to Your Middle Child:

If they feel unwanted, unloved and not cared for after being close to them, make sure they connect more with her. Give them all the attention they’re looking for. Just make them feel special the way you make their siblings feel. There may be moments when you may be at disagreeing with what they say. Remember to hear them, however, to make them feel that their point of perspective has been heard and given value.

3. Make sure they feel important:

Everyone would like to feel essential. This need may not be encountered commonly, though, being in the middle. You could offer them some duties that should be recognized when they are fulfilled. This will make them feel essential and important to the family.

4. Encourage them:

It is essential to make your middle one feel encouraged and motivated in all of their endeavors, but also to pay attention to any specific assignments or areas where they may have a lot of strength. Encourage them to excel in that field, so it becomes them to shine in!

5. Listen and Empathise:

To make them feel loved and cared for, you need to listen more carefully to them and also have empathy with them if they have any complaints. This will also make them feel essential and like that ‘ significant person ‘ they’re looking forward to being.

6. Stop Comparisons:

There are no two similar people. Everyone will have strengths and weaknesses of their own. Therefore, never compare with your middle one or vice versa your other two kids. This will have only an adverse effect on your children. Love them for what and who they are, and appreciate them.

A middle kid may have a share of negatives, but it also has a lot of favorable sides to their character. A parent should attempt to acknowledge and recognize these beneficial features and attempt to get the best out of it.

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