Meet The Women Who Break The Barrier

Meet The Women Who Break The Barrier
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“I Can & I Will – Watch Me” This phase inspire many of us especially the women. In the world of men’s, we face a lot of discrimination in all the field. It’s not easy for us to hold a powerful position easily in almost every industry. Many women broke the glass ceiling and came out stronger than ever. 

They gave us hope and inspire us to show our power, Women Power!  Today women inspired other women to take a stand and speak up. In every industry, we find some Most influential women who struggle and break the glass ceiling and grab the powerful position in every industry. 

Women who made us proud and inspire us
1. Mary Kom

Mary Kom, the badass boxer won many medals for India, including an Olympic Bronze Medal for India, the Gold for National Women’s Boxing India, Gold in Asian women’s Championship,  five World Championship titles, and many other titles. Apart form boxer she is a wife and a mother of 2 sons. She took a two-year break from boxing because she got married and gave birth to 2 sons. After giving birth to babies, everyone was disappointed including her coach for not pursuing her dream.

Mary Kom again decided to come back as a boxer with the support of her husband. After vigorous training, Mary Kom came back and won the silver medal for Asian Women’s Boxing 2008. She is the perfect example for all the women, especially mother’s out there waiting to fulfill their dreams. She inspires all the mothers that nothing can stop women to achieve their dreams. 

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2.  Kiran Bedi

The first Indian woman to join the Indian Police Service as an officer was Kiran Bedi. She inspires many women to follow her path and serve the country. She established the Navjyoti Delhi Police Foundation after retirement for homeless people, drug addicts and give education to slum kids. Also, she was part of the Anti-Corruption movement in 2010 and many other movements. Kiran Bedi is the inspiration for all the women and she inspires to break the barrier for their dreams.


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3. Dr. Tessy Thomas:

Dr. Thomas was known as India’s Missile Woman because she is the first women to lead a missile operation in India. She breaks the barrier and successful in a male dominating occupation. The balance her life as a researcher and a mother perfectly. Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in 2012 told the Indian Science Congress that Dr. Thomas is making her path in a male predominately occupation and breaking the glass ceiling. She is also known as Agni Putri as the media loves to call her by this name. She inspires all the girls to break the stereotype, and pursue their dream.

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4. Sania Mirza

  She established herself as the best and most successful player throughout her career and one of the highest paid and high profile athletes in the country. Currently, she is ranked No 1 in women’s doubles rankings.

Even after earning so much recognition she faces a lot of controversies for her tennis outfit – being a Muslim girl and wearing a short. She always ignores these type of statement and stood by her own decision of wearing the right attire for tennis. She inspires the woman to stand for herself and pursue a career in sports as well.

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5. Kirron Kher

National Award winning actress and Member of the Indian Parliament Kirron Kher is a badass woman who fearlessly speaks about what is right in front of the government. kirron runs several non –  profit movement which includes Laadi & Roko Cancer. Ladi is a campaign against female infanticide  & Roko Cancer is a campaign for Cancer Awareness. 

Kirron has spoken about an important concept called Consent which is not known by many Indian Men, honor killing, women’s rights. She shows the true power of women and encourages other women to speak what is right.

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Women, take inspiration from these badass women and grab the opportunity to fulfill your dream and inspire others to do the same. 

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Women lets take a pledge on International Women Day to break the  glass ceiling and grab the opportunity to fulfill our dreams

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