Meet Shweta Rathore & Her Achievement

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As we are heading toward International Women’s Day 2019, let us take a pledge to invest in people, especially in women & girls.

Lets accept the fact that today women are not lesser than men. Every day women breaking the gender stereotype and become successful in each field. One of the examples of such women is Shweta Rathore. 

It’s the fact that we Indian mostly focus on Bollywood actors. As soon as the new actress stepped into the industry we all make sure we know all the inside-outside details of that actress. But what about the women who stepped in the sports field and making our country proud. Did we do the same thing as we did for Bollywood actress? The answer is NO? 

If this is the answer then guys its high time for us to know the women who made our country proud and appreciate them for their achievements. Let’s start International Women Day week by knowing Shweta Rathore and her achievements

Shweta Rathore is the first Indian physique athlete to win a medal in a World Championship. But her journey is not easy. She often heard if she have bigger muscles than men, then nobody is going to marry her. But she ignores all the taunts and created history in 2014 by winning a medal. She has a long list of her Awards & Honors.

  • In 2014, She won Missworld 2014 fitness physique Title
  • In 2015, She won Miss Asia 2015, Fitness Physique Title
  • Also, she has hattrick in winning Miss India sports physique champion 2015,2016,2017
  • Dubai Government awarded her International Fitness Diva title 2017

Her Unsung Journey

Shweta hails from Jaipur Rajasthan. To pursue this professional she has to convince her parents especially her father which is very difficult. Since her childhood, she has given a great priority to fitness. When she is in 11th class she wants to join the gym but her father opposed her. So, she bunks her tuition class and goes to the gym for a workout. Over the time her family including her father also support her. 

She also faces the time when there is no sponsor in women bodybuilding sport as this sport is more popular in men than in women. Being a world champion she till now spent Rs. 20 lakhs on her expenses as there is no sponsor.  But, now she is the first Indian brand ambassador of Muscletech, who partially cover her expenses. Apart from Muscletech, she is also the brand ambassador of Avvatar.

She has her own brand called Fitness Forever to help women to take up body-building. According to her, physique athlete is not only grooming of the body but also know what to wear and how to carry oneself and do proper exercise. The women who are good in bodybuilding and if they want to pursue a career in this the company gives them a platform by which they can compete in international tournaments.

Shweta Rathore you inspire all the women to pursue a career which they want to pursue no matter how many obstacles come in their path. You put Indian women’s body-building on the world map. You are truly a role model for everyone.

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