Meet Nirbhaya Case Lawyer Seema Samruddhi

Meet Nirbhaya Case Lawyer Seema Samruddhi
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In the case of Nirbhaya rape gang and murder, the Patiala House High Court in Delhi awarded the death penalty to 4 of those convicted on the morning of 20 March. Yet very little is aware of the prosecutor who fought the case. The prosecutor is a woman, her name is Seema samruddhi and that was her maiden case.

Seema Samruddhi is the proud advocate, responsible for giving justice to the Nirbhaya victim of gang rape and murder. Seema, a talented lawyer, has completed preparations for appearing at the examination of Indian Civil Services and is also practicing law in the Supreme Court.

It was also a huge challenge for Seema to fight the Nirbhaya case. In particular, Nirbhaya’s father and mother had an emotional relationship with her. In battling the case and taking it to a proper end, Seema had prepared well on the legal aspects and angles. Seema and Nirbhaya’s mother was overcome with joy when the court hangs the four accused in the Nirbhaya case to death.

The four Nirbhaya convicts, who dedicated the soul of the entire country by committing gang rape and murder in Delhi during the year 2012, were hanged in Tihar prison at 5:30 a.m. Today March 20 To 7 years, three months, four days of justice achieved after… The betting video games came to an end with the dawn of justice.

The Tihar Jail, along with the tricolor within the fingers of individuals in prison outside, was held during the execution of the convicts, and as the information about hanging culprits came to this place quickly, individuals outside the prison waving the tricolor “Nirbhaya be immortal” and the “Long Live Mother India.” After hanging the executioners, there is a festive atmosphere.

We Salute Seema Samruddhi to being with the parents and believing that the accusers will bring to been punished. Thank you so much, madam.
All the nation with you & also the parents of nirbhaya were very emotional & happy on behalf of the justice served.

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