11 Ways To Find ME Time For Yourself.

ways to find me time for yourself
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Being a mom or maybe a responsible woman you rarely get time for yourself. But if you don’t spend time for yourself, you get cranky, sometimes you feel depressed too. So, “ME” time is really important if you’re packed with different activities around you.
Ladies be ready with these 11 ways to find me time for yourself.

Ways To Find ME Time For Yourself

1) Meet your friends:
Meeting your friends can boost your mood anytime. But make sure you meet those who will never make you think negative things after meeting them. It should not be a meet, make it a date and enjoy the time together. Ask your family members or spouse to look at your kids, so that you can spend proper time then.
2) Read books:
This works on me like therapy, because reading a book obviously increases your knowledge, but reading books lonely is the best activity to find me time for yourself.
3) Go to the movies:
You can plan this with your friends, family members or your loved ones, but the best and the important is, the change you can get from the perfect plan.
4) Write Something:
Pregnancy comes with a lot of hormonal and physical changes leads to disturbance in your mind. Many women are not okay to speak or to tell or they don’t know how to explain their feelings. So this idea is the best solution for them that they can write what they whatever they expect and this is the best idea to explain your emotions somewhere or else you can write poetry an article or blog.
5) Go to your happy place:
Everyone has that happy place where they love to spend their time.  It may be a garden, cafe, restaurant, temple or maybe a funky corner at your home, so try to find some chill time and spend a lot more time there and see you will feel better and productive.
6) Go for a spa:
Seek help, ask your family members to look after your child and book an appointment for the spa. The relaxation which you will get from the spa will be great for your mind. It will improve your sleep reduces stress. So go for it.
7) Dance unstoppable:
Dance is a remedy, it will give you energy, it will reduce your stress level and it will make you happy. Just put on some music and start whenever you want or join Zumba or aerobics, that will be the best exercise for you.
8) Go for a drive:
Play your favorite music, put the windows down, and let the wind blow through your hair and experience this amazing happy waves.
9) Shopping or visit the flea market:
Shopping is the one where all the women go crazy. Shop for yourself crazily and also for your baby. Match the dresses, click the pictures and enjoy your me-time
10) Go mad without a phone:
Just ignores phone calls or just ignore your cell phone (unless it’s an emergency)  at least for an hour just to have a coffee seat in a window to enjoy the nature in front of you and sip a coffee.
11) Do nothing:
Yeah! It’s absolutely okay if you do nothing for an hour just spend time for yourself, on the phone, write something, listen to music, do gardening, etc. But don’t do anything which leads to exertion.
These are some of the ways to find me time for yourself.
So, ladies go crazy and use all these tips and spend time. After more precious, of course, tired 9 months, then delivery and then postpartum, you really have faced a lot, now it’s time to focus on yourself so have a “Happy Me Time” to all of you.

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