Must Have Makeup Items For Wedding Season

Must-have Makeup Items the Wedding Season
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The wedding season is in full swing–you need to save on your calendar a few dates of upcoming weddings, right? With one or more weddings to attend every month, there’s hardly any energy left for you to go to the beauty salons and prepare for the different functions that you’re all going to have to decorate. Chances are you might even run out of makeup thoughts, or you might get bored with the same look. But there is no need to worry about that, ladies! You could make your wedding look stylish and look your best with a few essential makeup items for wedding season in your make-up collection.

Must-have Makeup Items For Wedding Season

Here are the vital makeup items for wedding season you need to spruce up the marriage functions you’re going to attend. We’ve covered everything for you!

Working on your face

The magic starts with the products you are supposed to store for your face. Remember, these items are some of your makeup kit’s most significant products.

1. Primer:

A primer keeps your makeup fresh for photos, all the way to the after-party from the minute you walk into the event. It also forms a basis for your foundation and make-up, hiding from view the pores and decreasing fine lines. Dry and oily skin will also be regulated by the correct primer. Don’t skip this vital and primary step. Also, include Indulge oil as part of the priming of the face for very dry skin.

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2. Foundation:

The foundation is used to give even tone and coverage to your skin. Choose the right foundation as it gives a natural look. You could always test the matching shade by applying a streak to the side of your jawline, down to your neck.

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A contoured look defines your facial features and enhances your nose and cheekbones. It leaves you with a sculpted look for the day ahead. We recommend buying a small contour palette and extensive practice beforehand for newbies to the technique and style.

4. Concealer:

Not every one of us has absolute, blemish-free skin. Pollution, pimples, outbreaks, and stress leave their mark on our faces as well. What do you need in such a case? The right concealers for your look to turn into a savior.

In fact, you can brighten your undereye area and look fresh all day long with the right makeup application technique. You could also opt to hide your dark circles and other blemishes with the appropriate color corrections. Among millennial brides, NARS concealers are quite popular.

5. Highlighter

You know that one day after the other you would wear such heavy suits or lehengas, fancy ghararas and elegant shararas. Keep pace with this attire’s beauty by acing your makeup game. And this happens by adding to your naturally glowing features a shimmering highlight. Enter the highlighter.

Highlighter pigments attract light, making your features look brighter, lit-from-within. You apply it over your foundation and before you use the concealer to enhance the sun’s natural lighting features-above your eyebrows, brow bone, cheekbones, and the lip bow.

Must-have Makeup Items Wedding Season
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6. Bronzer:

A Bronzer is used to emulate a sun-kissed glow, adding to your face a subtle warmth. Keep this for night parties and the countless dinners that you’d attend.

Making a fish face is the best way to quickly apply a bronzer. This way you could apply it to your cheekbones perfectly.

Must-have Makeup Items Wedding Season
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7. Blush

With a chiseled face, you may or may not be born. The right magic makeup, however, will ensure that you can easily carry this look. This happens alongside your cheekbones and your temple with the blush’s upward sweeps.

Remember to apply the duck-faced pout alongside your cheekbones (suck them in your cheeks). Tap your temples a little and put them in a little color.

Must-have Makeup Items  Wedding Season
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8. Compact:

After all that hard work has been done, your makeup needs to be set up. The handy product that helps you ace your makeup game is a compact (preferably a powder formation).

So, how are you working on this piece? You find a shade that matches your skin tone and use a brush or sponge applicator to apply it all over your face. Simply put it down and don’t overdo it. So you can also go for loose powder once you master the game.

Must-have Makeup Items Wedding Season
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For Your Lips

1. Lipstick:

A shade of lipstick in your makeup bag is a must-have that complements your skin tone and makes your lips look beautiful. You can choose matte lipsticks, cream or glitter–the choice is yours. You can even match your lipstick to your outfit or go for a contrasting shade. Choose what makes you feel comfortable. However, choose dark shades if you want to try something wild and trendy. Right now, dark colors are the trend, and a dark red lipstick will add panache to your look. What a better time than the wedding season to experiment with some bold!

Must-have Makeup Items for Wedding Season
Image Source – Pixabay

2. Lip Liner:

Choose a lip liner to go with it once you pick the color of your lipstick. You may not have believed seriously about lip liners before, but hold on! We have excellent reasons to be raving about it. Applying a lip liner will stop the feathering of your lipstick and will make your lips look fuller.

makeup for wedding season
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For Your Eyes

We’re sure you maintain kajal in your makeup kit at all times. Actually, we understand it’s your go-to makeup item every time you’re heading out of your house! There are a few other vital items, however, that can also emphasize your beautiful eyes and general appearance.

1. Eye Primer and Eyeshadow:

Although eye-primer may seem unnecessary, it is as essential as a face-primer. Your eye makeup will stay in place with an eye primer. You can use an eye shadow after using an eye primer. Applying a beautiful shade will highlight your eyes and enhance your look. Choose dark shades in eyeshadow such as brown, black, or bronze for a dramatic look, like the’ smokey eye’ look. For a subtle smokey eye that would look good during the day, you can also use a mixture of black and brown tones.

makeup for wedding season
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2. Mascara:

Mascara too is used for a dramatic flare and will make your eyes noticeable instantly. To make your eyelashes appear bigger and your eyes brighter, apply mascara.

makeup for wedding season
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3. Eyeliner:

Now, it goes without saying that you need eyeliner for the finishing touch. While the safest choice is black eyeliner, there is no rule that says you can’t experiment. When it comes to eyeliners, silver, green, blue, and red are also quite popular. Keep handy various colors that will go well with your outfit. You can choose a simple pencil or liquid eyeliner, but there are eyeliners for you if you want to try something new, glitter, shimmer, and stencil. Take a look at your pick and rock!

makeup for wedding season
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So, these were some of the essential makeup items for wedding season for rocking a wedding look. Get out of your comfort area and try them all; trust us, you’ll look beautiful. Whatever you wear, whatever you apply, wear it confidently and all wedding function on your calendar are superb.

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