Maintain Your Beauty After Baby, Postpartum Tips


Pregnancy and childbirth are the biggest change in the life of any woman.

Some women become dull during pregnancy and some get blessed with an extra glow.
However, post delivery skin of almost all moms become lusterless, you may see dark circles below your eyes, feel your hairs are falling more than ever and the list is never ending.
Blame the sudden drop in hormonal levels.
You may not even get time to visit beauty salons for a few months.
So what can be done at home.
Ladies.. don’t be depressed, we have some amazing tips for you.
Here are the tips to look beautiful post delivery:
1. Follow the diet: Post delivery your body is too tired, its not advisable to force yourself for any strenuous activity, not even with having a heavy diet.
Never skip on meals, try and have all healthy food.
Light food, which contains lot of fruits, soups and other fibrous diet will replenish the luster of your skin & hairs.
Note: Never starve, when you are lactating.
2. Resting schedules: Sleep as much as possible, and whenever it is possible, because now when your little baby is with you, you might have to remain awake whenever she need to have a feed or a diaper change or sometimes just nothing but your attention 😀
A complete nap makes your skin revive.
3. Iron & Calcium: Keeping the hemoglobin levels up to the mark is very important to heal all the postpartum damage done in the body. Same is with calcium, when you lactate you need to have some additional calcium in your body.
Keeping yourself healthy, will make you feel fit, and fitness has its own beauty.
4. Get Massage: Get some massage, at least for a month post delivery. Hence a good blood circulation will help the strength and glow to come back soon into your body.
5. Get a Haircut: Before delivery you can try some haircut, a style that will help your hair look bouncy and voluminous post delivery. And a little shorter in length so that you will not have to spare enough time for hair care few days after your delivery.
6. Dress Well: Don’t be ashamed of your figure immediately after delivery, you have brought down a miracle from Heavens. You will be able to retain your shape slowly, by then enjoy this new phase of motherhood.
Buy some cute, extra sized dresses and wear your confidence.
Put on some stilettos, swag thorough some shades and walk your motherhood with pride
7. Moisturize yourself: Your skin is dull due to loss of fluid you had during delivery. Keep your fluid levels up with juices, plus keep moisturizing your body with safe and natural (non-toxic) products.
8. Exercise: Let your muscles move and blood flow. Consult a doctor before starting any exercising schedule.
Be a confident mom 🙂  
Confidence shines more than any other thing in the world. Enjoy your life, specially your Motherhood <3