Lisa Sthalekar’s Inspiring Journey From orphanage To Hall Of Fame

Lisa Sthalekar's Inspiring Journey From orphanage To Hall Of Fame
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Every success is telling a story! Most athletes are joined together in the famous saying. Many of the sports stars of the past and present originate from very humble sources, where they found a place in the sun despite their odds. Former Australian cricketer Lisa Sthalekar is one such brilliant star. Recently she was brought to the Hall of Fame of ICC. But this is her accomplishment; her journey was a more interesting or opening eye. Keep scrolling down to know about Lisa Sthalekar’s inspiring journey.

Lisa Sthalekar’s Inspiring Journey

Sthalekar was just three weeks old in 1978 when her foster parents adopted her from Pune orphanage. You read it correctly  By birth, she’s an Indian. Actually her true name was Laila. Her biological parents were unable to sustain her and left her at the orphanage.
A couple from the USA visited to adopt a son, but their stars were in line with the little girl. They looked at Sthalekar and soon the formalities were finalized and brought her back to the States.
After living in the United States and Kenya for four years, the family settled in Australia, where Sthalekar set to become one of the most formidable women cricketers in the world.

She shone as a whole and represented Australia in 187 games in various formats between 2001 and 2013. Lisa was the star of the show with almost 4,000 runs and over 200 wickets.
For incorporating it into the game, Lisa credits her father. “My dad enjoyed this game and I spent some of them in the backyard with him. When I fell in love with the game, I would have been about 8-9, “she said.
Lisa visited the orphanage in Pune in 2012 where her life started and heard how the preference of her adoptive parents had changed drastically over her lifetime.

This is Lisa Sthalekar’s inspiring journey.

Lisa Sthalekar’s Achievements

The ICC revealed that Zaheer Abbas, Jacques Kallis, and Lisa Sthalekar would be included in the Hall of Fame. One is the most prestigious announcements of the year.

The 27th Australian Lisa Sthalekar makes her name to be the feat. On the Australian side she was one of the greatest women’s skippers. She has had her side four times over the world cup. Not only that, but she also has two Belinda Clark Awards to her credit as well. She is also the first female to take the feat of having 1,000 one day  International Runs a day and a hundred wickets.

Her contributions to Cricket from Australia can best be understood simply by the fact that she has put a stunning 155 game for the country. She scored 3913 runs in total in those games with an impressive 229 to the wicket column. Lisa is a regular face in the commentary box, for modern and younger fans. After serving the game, she was entertaining the fans when it needed the most.

Lisa has been praised by players and officials for her much-deserved induction. Earl Eddings, who chairs Cricket Australia, said “Lisa is an Australian and international cricket legend, and that is recognized by this ICC award. The first woman to cross the double of the 1000 runs and 100 wickets in ODI was a match-winner, both with a ball and a bat.

Australian elite Alyssa Healy made remarks about Lisa’s induction and prolific career. She said “Your achievements are pretty impressive both on and off the first far in your life and it’s something that’s well-deserved.

Sthalekar has also built several milestones. She was the first woman to sit on the board of the Australian Cricketers ‘Association and the International Cricketers’ Associations Federation.

From all the uncertainties and challenges, the drive came from her father and Lisa to become one of the most celebrated women cricketers of her time.

Lisa has been a women’s cricket ambassador for decades and that’s why this game had its early fans. Her story is literally an inspiration. She was born in Pune and went to Australia from an orphanage. Backyard cricket is having her first time seeing a bat and a ball in action.

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