Life Skills For Children To Learn

Life Skills For Children To Learn
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Todays generation kids are smarter than the previous generation kids. They are capable to learn new and different skills very quickly. It’s parents duty to teach them the life skill for new challenges in life.

Nowadays, Parents are extremely protective of their children and because of this child inhibits from learning basic life skills which are very useful for them in the changing world.

Life Skill For Children:

1. Doing Laundry:  Grown-up kids with age around 10 years are happy to help you. Teach them some basic machine operations and ask them to do simple work of laundries like separating the whites from the colors, or folding small towels and napkins. Nowadays, many teens who are in colleges don’t know how to clean their clothes. Start teaching them from an early age. Teach them to step by step how to do laundry like how to measure detergent, how to add, how to start the machine, etc. Don’t let your kid become the one who doesn’t know how to wash clothes in their grown-up age.

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2. Preparing A Meal: This skill is very handy. Even schools also have some special learning classes and one of them is culinary skill classes. If a child has a nuclear family and both the parents are working then, it is important to teach them some simple, safe and quick method for the preparation of the meal. Teach your little one how to add butter or jam to toast, how to peel boiled egg etc.

Teach your kids age between 6-8 years how to use non-fire kitchen appliances to prepare a meal for themselves. Some appliances like microwave, toasters are easier for a child to cook and safe for them. Teach basic skill of knife-like chopping, cutting, grating in their pre-teen year.

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3. Ordering At Restaurant: As soon as your kid reach middle school, them table manners and restaurant etiquettes. Teach your child how to order the food in a restaurant respectfully and politely. Also, the use of words like please and thank you while ordering the food. Also, make them understand how to eat without making any mess in a table or disturbing public. These etiquettes are very useful for the child in their grown-up age.

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4. Manage Money: Saving money is one of the skills which should teach all the children at a young age. It’s a myth that they can’t manage money as they are not mature enough. For teaching how to manage money start giving them pocket money and make them understand if they want to buy something then compare the prices before making any purchase. Also, teach some basic saving money tips as well.

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5. Talk To Stranger: In the world of full of strangers, it is necessary to teach your child how to talk with strangers. This will help in building self-confidence in children and they don’t hesitate to talk to any stranger when they grow up. “Don’t talk to strangers” is the old rule and which is not right. Make them understand how to discern creepy strangers and how to talk with normal strangers. Send your child out in the world and ask them to talk to strangers. But make sure they talk with safer ones. 

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6. Pack Their Stuff: In every family packing for a child is done by parents. Their school bags, school trip bags, picnic bags etc are packed by their parents. When you are packing their bags you decided what to put in their bag and what not. This habit is not good for the child. Because when they are grown-up they are not aware of what to pack for what occasion. They need your help and constant reminder for packing the bags.  Teaching them this skill helps them to become an independent and responsible person.


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Teaching these simple skills helps your child to be a more responsible and independent person. In their adulthood, they don’t find any difficulties because of these skills.

Parents, as you all know parenting is not easy, but it will be fun with children which you teach them these skills. This makes them responsible and also the bond between you and your child will be strong.