Know Which Food Combinations To Avoid Strictly

Food combinations to avoid
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Know Which Food Combinations To Avoid Strictly


Eating the right type of food at the right time is what helps you to achieve and maintain good health. However, you may not be aware that it is equally important to keep in mind different combinations of foods that can actually be harmful.


Hazardous combinations of food that can make you sick:


Sometimes most of us get so busy with our lives that we rarely pay attention to what’s going on inside our tummies. Below are some foods that should not be eaten together as they can cause more harm than good:

1. Sweets with Alcohol:

Most of us eat food combinations very carefully and discreetly when it comes to alcohol, and one such combination that can make blunders is having alcohol sweets. Alcohol tends to turn sucrose into fats that accumulate easily in the body. Eating green vegetables, however, may be a better choice. 


2. Eggs and Fried Meat:

Eggs and fried meat are one of the bad foods for digestion. While this traditional breakfast combo is most popular, digestion can take a toll. Fried meat like bacon is a combo of protein, and it may take you a long time to digest your digestive system. Replace one fruit or vegetable with fresh ones. 


3. Carbs And Animal Protein:

When you eat a protein-carbohydrate (such as potato meat or bread), they counteract putrefies of protein and ferments of carbohydrate. This leads to flatulence, bloating, and gas. Those who have been eating this combination for years may have developed immunity, but this is a good combination to eat complementary combinations such as beans and rice. 


4. Two High Proteins:

Surf and turf, bacon and eggs–all of which are a popular blend of two high-protein sources. This taxes the digestive system, and digesting takes a long time. Eat your meals in courses to avoid this–keep light proteins first and meat later and never wait between each course for more than 10 minutes. 


5. Food And Water/Juice:

One of the most toxic food combinations is drinking water or juice with your food. Water dilutes your stomach and dilutes proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in the break down of your stomach. Drink water ten minutes before dinner. This will prevent overeating or diluting enzymes in the stomach. 


6. Fries and Burger:

This might cause you to wonder because with the burger most burger joints give fries. But it’s not because it’s as wrong as this combo could get. Both fried fries and burger patty are deep-fried foods, which can cause very low levels of your blood sugar. Low levels of blood sugar make you tired and lethargic. 


7. Cola and Pizza:

Another combo offered to its customers by most fast food chains, soda and pizza is a very bad choice in terms of your health. Pizza is loaded with starch and protein, which slows down digestion and causes high amounts of cola sugar to slow down digestion.


8. Fruit With Meal:

Who doesn’t like some peppy mango salsa in their salads with fish or strawberries? But this is a bad fruit combination — which otherwise passes through the digestive system quickly — is detained in the system, and the sugar in it begins to ferment.


9. Fruits after Meals:

Eating fruits after a meal is one of the worst food mistakes anyone can make. Other food items and fruits do not go well with each other. This is because fruits digest quickly, but it takes a long time to digest other components in a meal such as protein, fats or carbohydrates. If fruit sugar stays longer in the stomach, it may ferment and cause tummy disorders. 


10. Yogurt With Fruit:

Yogurt contains plenty of bacteria that act on fruit sugar. This results in allergies, toxins, cold. By using unflavored yogurt at room temperature and mixing in honey, cinnamon or raisins rather than fresh fruit, you can avoid this problem.

11. Banana and Milk:

Milk and bananas are one of the most toxin – forming combinations of foods because they can cause heaviness. It can also slow your mind and lethargy your body. Make sure to add green cardamom, cinnamon powder or nutmeg powder to help with digestion if you want to enjoy an occasional banana smoothie.


12. Aerated Drinks and Mint:

There have been many videos showing the reaction between mint and cola making the rounds on the internet. Just think if inside your tummy the same thing happens. Well, it would indeed be a frightening sight! That’s because mint and cola can make you very uncomfortable with excessive bloat and gas. 


13. Mutton and Prawns:

Although we can not cook these two types of meat together, we can nevertheless enjoy the culprit of eating more than one type of meat at parties or buffets. This might not be a good choice for your digestive system and could lead to bad stomach or other digestive problems. 

14. Beans And Cheese:

In Mexican cuisine, this is a very common combination. This is a safe recipe for blows, gas, and other digestive issues, cheese, beans, hot sauce, and guacamole. But in contrast to the common concept, beans do not give you gas on their own. If the digestive system is weak, try to separate the cheese from the beans. 

15. Aloo Fry with Mutton Curry:

As a side dish with curries and gravies, we often enjoy aloo frying. It may not, however, be a good mix with meat dishes such as mutton curry. This meal combo does not have enough fiber and can, therefore, lead to digestive disorders. Therefore, do not combine these foods if you want to keep tummy problems at bay. 

We all have various types of bodies, sensitivities to food, and allergies to food. Listening to your body and eating food combinations accordingly is important.


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