Know How To Do Walking Meditation

Know How To Do Walking Meditation
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Walking meditation? What could this be? Where? You know meditation in sitting. But, what is the latest one?

Here, nothing too complicated. It is fairly straightforward. It is a form of meditation that takes place while walking. Yeah, that is so easy. Yet of course there is more to it.

What Is Walking Meditation?

Recall for all those times you went to clear your mind and got refreshed back? What was that you think? Walking is a meditative exercise of course, so there is nothing like it if you apply meditation to it. Meditation in action is walking meditation. It brings meditation to your walking and doubles the benefits by enjoying walking and meditation.

You focus on the experience of walking while walking meditation. It’s profoundly meditative to see how you move when you walk in alternating steps on your right and left legs.

Walking meditation is an art that helps you to learn the natural rhythm of your walk and be mindful of it.

The great Gautama Buddha taught walking meditation for the first time. With every step you take, he taught you to feel present. And if you do, it restores and nourishes and allows you to grow gratitude and love for the world.

Procedure Of Walking Meditation

Simple walking does not do so. To go through meditation, you need definite guidance. For you to begin, we have identified a simple procedure. Check it out.

1. Search a good location

It is essential to have an ideal location. Consider a road or lane with no elements that might hinder your practice. It is better to avoid a busy road or a busy lane, as at least initially it will be too much to bear.

Also, it would be necessary to go back and forth for 10 to 20 measures. It could be indoors or outside, but it must be fairly empty because slow-walking could get undue attention from those who don’t know.

Know How To Do Walking Meditation

2. Know every step

It is as important to observe every step you take to follow a particular walking pattern. You must watch and be mindful that there are various components over the course of your walk because otherwise, you would not know how they naturally occur.

It is important to have basic movements like raising your foot, mounting it, placing it on the ground, and feeling the touch of the ground on your feet. You will need to understand how the body weight shifts to the other limb, which is followed by the same process.

3. Maintaining the appropriate speed

Move like you don’t have to reach some destination. Well, walk calmly. Keep the pace normal, not hurried, or stylized. Keep it going slow and steady.

There is a better opportunity to carefully track your movement and develop your body ‘s awareness.

We recommend that you keep pace slowly and take incremental steps to improve your experience.

4. Position your arms and hands

You don’t know how to put your hands and arms when you go for a conscious walk. You’re wondering if you’re going to have to leave them the way they are when you take a walk or position them in a particular way.

Well, there are a lot of ways to do it. Do the right thing for yourself. You can keep them behind your back or front or place them on the sides.

5. Balancing your focus

When you walk, it’s important either to concentrate on the feelings you feel in your body or to see something special while you walk.

Control your body and how it works every step of your life. Feel your breath as it comes in and out. Or note the way a tree’s leaves swing in conjunction with the breeze.

If you try to concentrate, the mind will waver sometimes. The only solution is to refocus and keep going.

Benefits Of Walking Meditation

  • The experience of walking meditation links you more with your surroundings. You’ll start to note and be aware of the little information.
  • It opens your mind to new ideas and perspectives.
  • It allows you to remain in the moment and to increase focus.
  • This increases your well-being and health.
  • Enable you to be mindful of your everyday activities by walking meditation.

Know How To Do Walking Meditation

Difference Between Sitting And Walking Meditation

  • You have to keep your eyes open during walking meditation; normally you are advised to keep your eyes closed during sitting meditation.
  • Walking meditation does not allow you, like sitting meditation, to take your mind away from the outside world.
  • During walking meditation, compared with sitting meditation, it is easier to see the feelings in the body. Since there is no movement, the emotions are subtler in sitting meditation.
  • Walking meditation can be tailored for tasks such as walking from the car park to the door of your home. Whereas, there is no room for sitting meditation.

Any type of meditation is good. There is nothing like it when you pair it with walking. Walking is an integral aspect of daily life. However, further meditation might only mean if you want to walk meditation as far as possible. Go therefore through the meditation and enjoy the utter freshness that follows it.

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